14 ways to help your fellow Seattleites this week

Regardless of your reaction to the election, we hope we can all agree that we have to come together to move forward. Here’s a preliminary list of big and small ways to help fellow Seattleites out this week.

Got some to add? E-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll update this list.

Offer free hugs. Seattleite Mandy Phipps taped a “free hugs” sign to herself and stood out on a street near her neighborhood corner market in Fremont on Wednesday. She wrote, “I received 40 some odd hugs, shared tears 5 times, ‘made someone’s day’ 3 times, was gifted a bar of chocolate, was offered money for a hug, and then, I saw hope. Hope in the eyes of those passing by. Hope in our future. You see, there is hope in humanity, hope in this country. There is still kindness and YOU are a part of it.”

(Photo courtesy of Mandy Phipps)

Help save Cafe Racer, a much-loved Ravenna cafe that says it might close because of business it’s lost due to construction in the area.

Help support Young Women Empowered, which mentors young women from diverse backgrounds in the Seattle area.

Help Seattle Seahawks linebacker Cassius Marsh recover his stolen Magic cards.

Support our ethnic media. Did you know that your neighbors in King County speak more than 170 languages? Dozens of ethnic media outlets serve Seattle (here’s a list), and reader Lexi Potter works with one of them, the International Examiner, which has served our area’s Asian-Pacific Islander community since 1974.

Help support local art that highlights diverse experiences, like this opera about a transgender woman’s personal journey.

Donate to our local nonprofit media outlets that work to elevate diverse voices: The Seattle Globalist, The South Seattle Emerald, and Crosscut.

Help spread the word to current and former residents of the Central District about this awesome project that’s collecting stories about the soon-to-be-closed Red Apple market and the neighborhood it serves. (We’ll share more on the project soon).

Help spread the awesomeness of rad local ladies by following this new Instagram account created by reader Marika Malaea. She explains the inspiration behind it here.

Help support underserved local entrepreneurs through the Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship, which helps people from diverse backgrounds “start businesses that are profitable and good for people, the planet, and our communities.”

Help Amanda Saab build a website for her Dinner with Your Muslim Neighbor toolkit.

Give to a local nonprofit. Each month reader Ramona Ridgewell highlights a different local nonprofit to support through a website she’s created called Who’s Giving. This month it’s the Seattle Milk Fund. Learn more here.

Connect with your neighborhood. Reader Catherine Smith told us about a get-together in West Seattle that her neighbors organized last night and will organize again soon. Another reader, Valarie Bunn, recommended getting involved with neighborhood groups. Hers is the Wedgwood Community Council.

And don’t forget to take care of yourself: Call your friends, take a walk at your closest park, and just go out and move through this strong, creative city we love.

What else should we add? Tell us here!