13 ways to make the most of Election Day in Seattle

Election Day is upon us! ? Here are several ways to spend the day/night in Seattle.

You have until 8 p.m. Tuesday to get your ballot in a ballot box (or ‘til 5 p.m. to postmark it). The last nationwide polls close at 8 p.m. PST. You can check national results over at Politico and the Washington state results here.

  1. Commiserate with Democrats ?
  2. Commiserate with Republicans ?
  3. Hang out with journalists at watch parties hosted by The Stranger
  4. Or with journalists from Crosscut/KCTS 9
  5. Watch Jet City Improv’s Election Show 2016
  6. Do free restorative Election Day yoga in Madison Valley
  7. Or more free yoga in Greenwood
  8. Laugh your way through Election Day Cabaret
  9. Throw on your best pantsuit and get your photo taken by Kristi Waite at Gas Works Park (recommended by reader Madeline Moy)
  10. Decompress with wellness shots, face masks and deep tissue chair massages at the Cloud Room
  11. Eat election-themed treats from Cupcake Royale
  12. Or order Hillary Rodham Cookie Dough ice cream from Molly Moon’s
  13. Laugh or cry at the Rendezvous with Seattle writer Ijeoma Oluo

How did you spend your election day or night? E-mail us a pic at [email protected] Tuesday and tell us briefly what you did, who you were with or how you felt when the final tallies came in. You can also tweet at @theevergrey or tag us on Facebook and add the hashtag #tellevergrey. We’ll round up your photos and share them with you on Wednesday.