Awesome Seattle businesses: 23 love letters in 140 characters

If you run a small business people love, you probably care about more than just the products you sell. One way or another, you’ve made your business a part of people’s lives.

That’s what we took away from many of the nominations you sent in about the Seattle small businesses you love best.

For National Small Business Week this week, we joined three of you on visits to local businesses that have come to mean a lot to the people they serve:

  • Fleet Feet Sports on Capitol Hill helps people make lasting relationships around something they love doing.
  • The Station on Beacon Hill joins and leads its community in a fight for equity, justice, and cultural expression.
  • Wally Pets makes each of their customers — both humans and pets — feel understood and cared for.

There are a lot more places in Seattle like these. So of the more than 100 nominations you sent in, we want to highlight 23 more spots for you to explore – like shared living rooms at Beveridge Place Pub, bike shops like G&O Cyclery and Cafe Allegro, where, Lisa Buckner told us, “both the homeless and the well-off can come in for a coffee and a chat.”

Here are your nominations, in 140 characters or less…

Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe *

“They fill the huge gap created by the absence of the UW Technical Bookstore, an turn it up a notch with kits, a cafe, and a warm vibe.” – Jeff Pettiross

Bahn Town

“Delicious, homemade Vietnamese food in a hip interior. Started by young people that care. A real labor of love and community institution.” – Ajay Mehta

Beveridge Place Pub

“It’s like having a night in, but at someone else’s house so you don’t have to clean up! Tons of table games, comfy couches, plus craft beer.” – Nellie

C&P Coffee Company

“They have truly created a third place. It is a living room, a meeting hall, a place for parties and music, a backyard if you don’t have one.” – Pam Mandel

Cafe Allegro

“Allegro is truly a unique space in a vastly-gentrifying area where both the homeless and the well-off can come in for a coffee and a chat.” – Lisa Buckner

Chaco Canyon Cafe

“They have those Seattle morals. They care about environmentalism, social issues, promote healthy living, community, buying from local farms.” – Nichole Criss

Dicks Drive-In *

“Cheap, real food; amazing community involvement.” – Nora

El Diablo Coffee Co.

“Great coffee, fresh and constantly rotating selection of baked goods, really friendly employees who know your name, and a welcoming space!” – L. Nelson

G&O Family Cyclery

“Kind, honest, queer-friendly, survived the Greenwood explosion, supportive of getting all kinds of people on all kinds of bikes.” – Denise Diskin


“This is an inspirational community to help you work hard and feel amazing. The workouts are tough, fun and the ‘village’ is amazing.” – Amy Nelson

Hotwire Online Coffeehouse

“Hot Wire is more than just an quality espresso shop, they go out of their way to know their customers and foster community among all of us.” – Al Doyle

Husky Deli

“3rd gen owner Jack makes everyone in WS feel like a regular. Husky gives 1st jobs (my mom & bro), 1st dates & is 1st choice for ice cream :)” – Lexy Quadracci

Molly Moon’s

“This is so much more than an ice cream shop. Molly Moon’s is an incredible source of community, love, camaraderie–oh & darn good ice cream!” – Molly Adair

Morning Glory Chai *

“Their spicy brew has warmed up my grey days for two decades. Many a sweet story unfolded over cups of chai at the old Chai House in Ballard.” – Jessica


“It is a Fremont institution. The vibe, the people, the décor, the kitchen, the coffee, the food – it’s familiar. It’s real. It’s Fremont.” – Lois Maag

Pure Alchemy Organic Salon

“They support the Columbia City and south end community – food drives, business association sponsored outreach, marginalized groups, etc.” – Jody Pineda

Ravenna Third Place Books

“Incredible staff, family friendly, and a perfect combo of businesses in one! This is really the heart of our community… & a one-stop-shop.” – Oralea Howard

Scarecrow Video

“They are a movie archive far beyond Netflix’s capacity and run by people dedicated to film and fellow film lovers.” – Jen Koogler

School of Bike

“A one-man show, it is a full-service bike shop, a classroom for self-sufficiency, a weekly community ride, and perfect personalized service.” – Joe Swain

Scratch Deli

“A piece of “old Capitol Hill,” a “safe spot,” a “magical place.” A sustainable yummy deli and community comedy club owned by the employees.” – Erin Johnson

Street Bean Coffee *

“In the best Seattle style, they make amazing coffee while helping a vulnerable population in our city become awesome at brewing and roasting.” – Ila Dickenson

Twice Sold Tales

“While Seattle has many used bookstores, this one is my favorite. It helped me feel at home in a new city.” – Katie Baker

Velouria Boutique & Gallery *

“Cat & Chika lead with their values in every decision they make, and feature super rad goods to boot! (Also: Instagram game is on point.)” – Carlos d’Avis

Thanks to our promotional partner Townsquared, a community for small businesses, for helping us get the word out about our search for great local businesses. The businesses marked with a * are Townsquared members.