Why one woman moved to Seattle and other questions you asked natives and transplants

Did you know that 236 people move to Seattle every single day?

It’s no small thing to want to make a life in a new place. Reader Kelly Knickerbocker took a short trip out here in 2009 from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. And afterward, she couldn’t get Seattle out of her mind:

“I read books about Seattle, watched movies set in Seattle and freaked out when I found a six-pack of beer from a Seattle brewery at a corner store in Denton, Texas. I thought constantly about what my life might look like if I were in Seattle — who I’d be, what I’d do, how I’d get around and who I’d spend my time with. That version of me, the one I pictured, was so much more passionate about her day-to-day than the real me. I wanted to be that person.

So in 2010, Kelly moved to Seattle. Whether you’re new to the city or have been here a while, it’s worth reading her story, “Falling hard for a new city.”

Speaking of Seattle newbies… A couple weeks ago we asked you to share what questions you have for Seattle-area natives and Seattle-area transplants.

Your answers — or questions, rather — have been fantastic. They’re rich and compelling, and full of love for our city and curiosity about other Seattleites. Which we think will make for some great conversations.

“Who do you classify as a transplant?” reader Emily Neitzel asked Seattle natives. “Is the tension about high paid tech workers, or what about those of us who don’t fit that demographic?” Another good one came from reader Norman DeValliere, who wanted to ask transplants not just why they came here, but also, “What are you glad to have LEFT wherever you came from?”

We can’t wait to share all your questions back with you. We’re working on a fun way to do just that. So stay tuned. And in the meantime, if you have more questions you want to ask – share ‘em here.