5 things you need to throw a party to give Seattle’s spring a warm welcome

For the last two months, we’ve been challenging you to take on Seattle’s dreary winter weather with intention as part of our Embrace the Grey project. With the first day of spring, 3/20, swiftly approaching, here’s our final tip to you:  One way to welcome the flowers and warm(er) weather is to plan a spring-themed party with your friends and family, just like we’re doing this Thursday at our Greybreak party.

Can’t make it? We’ll miss you — but here’s how to throw a rad party to welcome spring in just five easy steps:

1. Find a cozy venue 

Post up in a cool pub (👋, The Neighbor Lady) or host a soirée of your own at home or in one of our city’s cozy bars or restaurants.

2. Whip up some snacks

 Have a friend (or your kiddos) help you arrange some seasonal spring veggies into little terracotta pots, piece together flower-shaped pretzel bites, and/or create some not-gross backyard bug bites.

3. Create a solid playlist.

You can consult the experts or follow our Greybreak playlist on Spotify.

4. Shake up a delicious cocktail 

Like this Greybreaker, a tasty drink The Neighbor Lady invented for our party.

5. Plan a fun party game 

Get competitive with a trivia card game or design a game of your own. We’ll be playing a song bingo game on Thursday night – if you want to borrow the idea, you can download a bingo card here.

Have more great party ideas to help us ring in the Seattle bloom? Let us know over in our Embrace the Grey Facebook group.