9 Seattle photos that tell a story you might have missed

You look around your city all the time. But how often do you really stop and see it?

We asked you to take a closer look at Seattle last week and share your reflections on what caught your eye and why. We were inspired by Seattle land-use attorney and urbanist Charles Wolfe, who argues that anyone — not just public officials or planning wonks — can better understand their city by taking note of how it looks and feels to them. It’s an approach Charles describes as keeping an “urban diary.”

Several of you sent us some beautiful entries. Click on the photos above to get a closer look.

“The city can be too big to bite all at once, so it helps to see the city in these focused images,” wrote reader Ramon Bentley, who told us he started documenting parts of the city while watching a Seahawks game on a Sunday night on NBC.

“Nearly every visual reference to the city had to do with the Space Needle and Pike Place Market,” Ramon wrote. “It was then I decided to take a closer to my new adopted home.”

Here’s some of what Ramon and others among you have seen, so it can inspire us all to keep on looking.