Here’s what Anika and Monica will be doing at The Evergrey

Good morning, everyone. You’ve probably noticed over the last few weeks that we’ve been launching new business things, like annual memberships, a merch store and newsletter advertising. And our parent company’s WhereBy.Us Creative Studio is designing projects and events with Seattle brands that want to reach curious and engaged locals.

There’s a lot of business work to do as we grow, and that’s why Anika will be stepping into a new role leading business development and creative for The Evergrey. She’ll help clients develop meaningful ways to connect with our city and with locals like you.

Monica will step into the role of editor, overseeing The Evergrey’s journalism, including its newsletter, storytelling and social media.

Both of us will continue to design and execute events for The Evergrey and work on growing The Evergrey community.

Traditionally in news organizations, there’s been a strict wall between the “editorial side” and the “business side.” We think that wall should be more porous because we want everything we do – including our business work – to serve you, our community, first. So while Anika won’t be producing content anymore as she focuses on partnerships and client projects, we’ll continue to work together to make The Evergrey fun and useful for you. (For more on our ethics policy on sponsorships, check this out).

So: Got a story to share? Email Monica at [email protected]. Got questions about a business or partnership opportunity? Email Anika at [email protected].

Want to reach both of us? Awesome! Shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]. We’re always eager to chat.