Here’s what happened when we asked our local candidates ‘How do you learn and improve as a leader?’

It all started when Evergrey reader Boting Zhang sent us an essay suggesting that we elect our Seattle city leaders based on how they lead and learn, not just their policy plans. Especially when our city is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up.

We asked our Evergrey readers what they thought of the idea, and many of them said they liked it. And so The Evergrey Leadership Lab was born.

Dozens of our readers shared questions related to leadership and learning that they wanted to ask people seeking elected office. We selected these nine folks to lead small-group interviews with each of our city council and mayoral candidates.

They interviewed our four city council candidates and two mayoral candidates — and here’s what they learned.

What if we evaluated politicians based on how nimble and adaptable they are rather than their policy platforms?

We've assembled a group of readers to ask Seattle candidates about their approaches to leadership and learning ahead of the November election.

Here's what Seattle city council candidate Jon Grant has to say on leadership.

Here’s what Seattle mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan has to say on leadership and learning.