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Map of Seattle Murals

A map of 28 + of Seattle’s most iconic murals and the stories behind them

See something we missed? Let us know what other murals we should add to our map.

Art & Culture / March 29, 2021

Why can’t Seattle just build more affordable housing on the extra land it owns?

We’re in the middle of a housing crisis. What’s keeping us from building on our surplus land? The oversimplified answer: Building housing is hard.

Housing / January 22, 2019

Meet the museum leader who helps Seattle celebrate black history

The biggest lesson LaNesha DeBardelaben’s learned since moving to Seattle to lead the Northwest African American Museum: “to be true to myself.”

Art & Culture / January 22, 2019

What should Seattle look like in 2030? We had local housing leaders weigh in

The one thing everyone agreed on: By 2030, Seattle is gonna need more housing. How to get there is a different question.

Community / January 18, 2019

How did the Central District become Seattle’s historically black neighborhood?

The answer involves a restaurant, generous neighbors, racism, and some seriously awful housing policies, like redlining.

Central District / January 15, 2019

Zoning is the key to understanding Seattle housing. Here are the basics

Single-family zones? Mixed-use buildings? Upzones? Welcome to Seattle Zoning 101.

Community / January 9, 2019

How to donate your dollars in Seattle and make ‘a real, tangible impact’

Reader Matthias Broecheler wants his donations to help transform local orgs and create change in Seattle. Here’s how he wants to do it.

Community / December 24, 2018

How to give your time to Seattle and make a unique impact

Reader Naya Owusu recently graduated and she’s just getting started in her career — but she still wants to give back her time in Seattle. Here’s her plan.

Community / December 14, 2018

How to build community trust and give back when you’re new to Seattle

(🎨: Haley Weaver, a.k.a. @haleydrewthis) This is the second part of a series we’re calling our Evergrey Giving Audit, which connected readers with three local giving pros: Frank Nam of the Seattle Foundation, Burke Stansbury of Social Justice Fund Northwest, and Ben Reuler of Seattle Works. Check out Part 2 here. Reader Neroli Price moved to Seattle from South Africa in September […]

Giving Guide / December 12, 2018

Here are 9 small ways to give big to Seattle

(📸: Haley Weaver, a.k.a. @haleydrewthis) Ever want to give back to Seattle, but think your donation might be too small to make a difference? We’ve rounded up some awesome local businesses and nonprofits where small gifts can make a huge impact for our Evergrey Giving Guide. Why? Because sometimes our wallets aren’t as big as our hearts […]

Community / November 26, 2018