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Mt Ranier Space needle photo credit

An answer for a daily Seattle question: “Is the mountain out?”

Here’s why one Seattleite routinely tweets the answer to the question, “Is the Mountain Out?”

Good to Know / July 28, 2021

The Vanishing Seattle Instagram account helps us remember

With the Vanishing Seattle Instagram account, Seattle local Cynthia Brothers tracks changes in the city in light of its history with photographs of businesses, landmarks, and citizen action.

Art & Culture / June 12, 2019

Seattle’s Independent Bookstore Day is about celebrating our love of local

This annual event attracts book lovers to 26 indie bookstores that throw parties with activities, speakers, booze and snacks.

Art & Culture / April 25, 2019

We need to continue talking with people who disagree with us. So where do we go from here?

It’s been eight months since we took a group of people from liberal King County to visit conservative Sherman County. Here’s what we learned.

From The Evergrey / November 22, 2017

Seattle architect: Let’s ask how we can benefit from gentrification, not stop it

Many Seattleites want to know how to stop gentrification. But one architect and longtime Central Area resident says what he and his neighbors should be asking is how they can make gentrification work for them.

Central District / September 20, 2017

What every American needs to know

What should every Seattleite know? Help us make a top ten list

A project focused on creating a list of things that every American should know inspired us to ask you this: What should every Seattleite know?

Political Issues / August 31, 2017

‘If you can do 50 to 60 percent of the job, you can do the job.’ The Ladies in Seattle Tech group is back with some good advice for women

Women in Seattle tech gave lightning talks and dropped some knowledge at Wednesday night’s meetup, which coincided with International Women’s Day

People / March 9, 2017

Women got a ‘pay equity discount’ at this Greenwood diner for International Women’s Day

‘If you’re only gonna make 79 cents on the dollar, then you’re only gonna have to pay 79 percent,’ said co-owner Tony Lombardi.

Business / March 9, 2017

Why this Seattleite started a project to bring Trump voters and Hillary voters together

Seattle’s Bo Zhang is bringing together 12 Hillary voters and 12 Trump voters in a yearlong private online discussion that will culminate in a public art installation about everything they’ll learn.

Art & Culture / March 2, 2017

You just got our 100th Evergrey newsletter

Over 100 issues, we’ve tuned and tweaked The Evergrey newsletter to help you stay connected to your city. Here’s some of what you’ve told us you’d like to see — and how you can help us make it happen.

From The Evergrey / February 17, 2017