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Seattle Dollars: A snapshot of how much it costs to live in Seattle right now

Curious how Seattle’s cost of groceries, housing, utilities and transportation compares to other U.S. cities? Check out this data we rounded up.

Need to know / July 25, 2017

Seattle Dollars: Washington has the nation’s highest tax on distilled spirits

Washington has the highest spirits sales tax in the country while ranking somewhere in the middle on its beer and wine taxes. Why the gap? There are theories.

Drink / June 27, 2017

Seattle Dollars: Ever heard of the Female Founder Effect?

As Seattle women workers become more educated, the gender wage gap widens in the city. To combat this inequity, one Seattleite is championing something called the “female founder effect.”

People / June 15, 2017

Seattle Dollars: A Seattle drop-in yoga class costs on average $18.27

You might think that if Seattleites have access to 167 yoga studios, the supply might push down the cost of a Seattle yoga class, but that hasn’t happened.

Art & Culture / May 23, 2017

Seattle Dollars: Washington produces 80 percent of the country’s super yachts

Did you know that 80 percent of the country’s super luxury yachts are built here in Washington? Here’s a look at one of the biggest ones to come out of Seattle.

Need to know / May 11, 2017