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The Evergrey’s 2021 Procrastinator’s Guide to the Election

Your comprehensive guide to Seattle’s 2021 election with everything from a candidate overview to an FAQ about your ballot and how to vote.

Issues / October 22, 2021

Building community through biking

After the Atlanta spa shootings, Kae-Lin Wang craved an Asian community, so she decided to make one built on biking and food. Now the Asian Bike Club meets monthly to share ramen outside and find solace with others.

Community / October 5, 2021

Daybreak Star Radio is ‘indigenizing the airwaves’

Daybreak Star Radio wants to champion Indigenous musicians from around the world. From hip-hop to country and traditional to metal, they have shows for everyone.

Art & Culture / September 16, 2021

Day In Day Out Fest (Day 2)

Bumbershoot was canceled for the second year in a row, but the folks behind Capitol Hill Block Party brought us the new Day in Day Out festival instead.

Art & Culture / September 7, 2021

Heart of Seattle Photo Contest

We’ve teamed up with The Intentionalist for a photo contest on Instagram to highlight some of Seattle’s small businesses in SLU, Belltown, and Downtown.

Giveaways & Contests / September 3, 2021

The Eastside seattle sayings Seattlism things that say you are from Seattle

Seattleisms: The Eastside

This week, we present to you another installment of “Seattleisms,” where we help newcomers with the local lingo. Last time we straightened out that it is “Pike Place Market” and NOT “Pike’s Place.” Today we’re giving you an explanation of what “the Eastside” is. Have ideas of what we should cover in future “Seattleisms”? Let us know by […]

Seattleisms / August 24, 2021

Pike Place Market Seattle Pikes Place Market

Seattleisms: Pike Place Market

A few weeks ago, we re-upped an old series we called “Seattleisms,” where we break down words and phrases that help you sound like a local. (If you missed that newsletter, you can find it here.) We asked what words and phrases we should do next, and one of the most common responses was the one […]

Seattleisms / August 11, 2021

The Evergrey’s guide to the August 3, 2021 primary

We’ve broken down the city’s biggest races for this year’s primary election. From mayor to Seattle school board we have you covered.

Community / July 21, 2021

The ultimate guide to Seattle’s breweries

The number of breweries in Seattle can be overwhelming, that’s why we made this guide for which ones you should check out for every sort of occasion.

Drink / July 16, 2021

Hattie Benton McKay from Seattle gives a great drink recipe

5 Best Ingredients for a Unique and Perfect Seattle Cocktail

As a special treat for our virtual Pride event and any other Pride-related festivities, we asked a former bartender and current sales representative for Seattle Cider Company and Two Beers Brewing, Hattie Benton McKay, to create a special drink we could share with you all. And if you end up making the cocktail be sure to […]

Drink / July 8, 2021