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Have a drink with Jeremy Buben and the FoodArt Collective

Jeremy Buben started the FoodArt Collection in 2017 — a whole gallery dedicated to art that depicts food. People can make reservations online to schedule a viewing.

Art & Culture / April 9, 2021

Seattle’s best pranks over the years

Over the years, Seattle has seen some pretty spectacular pranks. Here are three that continue to live on in infamy.

Community / April 1, 2021

Have a drink with The Pastry Project

Emily and Heather met while working at Molly Moon’s and now they run The Pastry Project, which offers folks who face barriers in the industry free training.

Changemakers / March 26, 2021

Honoring the victims of the Atlanta spa shootings

More than two hundred people showed up for the vigil organized by the Massage Parlor Outreach Program for the victims of the Atlanta spa shootings.

Community / March 22, 2021

‘Have a drink with’ Ravenna Brewing Co.’s head brewer Audra Johansen

The first edition of our new series ‘Have a drink with…’ featuring locals who are doing things in our community we think you should know about. Our first guest is Audra Johansen, the new head brewer for Ravenna Brewing Co.

Drink / March 12, 2021

Fighting British Columbia’s pipelines to the last mile

Indigenous activists spearhead the effort to stop the construction of pipelines that would exponentially increase the amount of oil and natural gas exports.

Environment / March 9, 2021

A Q&A with Lisette Marie Flanary director of ‘Tokyo Hula’

A Q&A with the filmmaker Lisette Marie Flanary about her documentary ‘Tokyo Hula,’ which is the final film in her trilogy about the dance.

Art & Culture / March 4, 2021

Will race, income inequalities trip up Cascadia’s fight against climate change?

Race and income inequalities pose a challenge to Cascadia’s efforts to fight climate change. InvestigateWest looks at how the region is addressing the issue.

Environment / March 2, 2021

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Maya Marie

Maya Marie’s powerful vocals and music are imbued with the sounds of the artists she grew up listening to. Her new EP is out now on Bandcamp.

Locals to Know / February 26, 2021

Visualizing Climate: Vulnerable Communities

Researchers, government workers, and advocates are using mapping programs in Cascadia to see how inequities extend to climate and pollution risks.

Environment / February 23, 2021