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‘Hetero’: Everyone is gay and no one dies

Filmed, created, and acted by local PNW’ers, “Hetero” is a new web series that brings viewers queer storylines that go beyond the typical tropes.

Art & Culture / June 18, 2021

Top Jobs zero-emissions Seattle

10 jobs that will help shape a zero-emissions future

An economy based on healing the climate could spawn new livelihoods across Cascadia. The Tyee tell us which jobs to look out for in a zero-emissions future.

Business / June 16, 2021

Seattle band THEM - band members interviewed

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: THEM

After meeting at music school these four teenagers formed the band THEM. Their debut single “BAD 4 U” is out now and streaming on all platforms.

Art & Culture / June 11, 2021

Meet Seattle dating and relationship expert Cora Boyd

Have a drink with Cora Boyd

After over a year of living with a pandemic, people are both excited and nervous to get back out on the dating scene. We asked an expert for advice.

Community / June 4, 2021

post grad life for Seattle students

A look into post-grad life for Seattle students after a pandemic year

We asked graduating college students about they’re feeling entering the job market after an uprecedented global pandemic. Their answers may surprise you.

Community / June 2, 2021

Seattle U District recommendations by locals

A crowdsourced U District guide made by YOU

A guide to the U District neighborhood made by Evergrey readers. From the best dessert spots to business shoutouts this guide has it all.

Neighborhood Spotlight: U District / May 24, 2021

U District at night in Seattle

Your U District questions answered

You asked and we answered your questions about the U District. Be sure to check out all of our coverage on the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Spotlight: U District / May 22, 2021

Blue Moon Tavern sign in Seattle

The Blue Moon Tavern: A vortex of love

Emma Hellthaler was ready to sell the 87-year-old dive bar last year but the universe had other plans thanks to a supportive community, a PBS doc, and an old high school friend.

Drink / May 11, 2021

Alanna Francis Seattle an Evergrey member

Alanna Francis of Seattle’s Three Dollar Bill Cinema (and her favorite Seattle spots!)

Meet Alanna Francis Alanna is the Development and Community Outreach Manager for Three Dollar Bill Cinema. What is your relationship with Capitol Hill? Capitol Hill has been a place that I have worked for the last six or seven years. I have worked at a variety of different nonprofits that have served Capitol Hill and […]

Locals to Know / May 8, 2021

Local Seattle band Hi Crime

Have a drink with Hi Crime

Our latest edition of “have a drink with” is a two-for where we also are introducing you to a new band — Hi Crime. Catch our IG Live with them and our Q&A.

Art & Culture / April 29, 2021