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To deconstruct whiteness, Seattle journalist Marcus Harrison Green wrote a play

“Caucasians Anonymous” is about people who struggle through what Marcus describes as an addiction to whiteness. And this Sunday, Marcus will host a group of actors in a live reading of the play that will be followed by a Q&A with anti-racist white activists.

Art & Culture / April 18, 2017

Mark the ‘high’ holiday: 15 things to do in Seattle this week

Let’s help you make some plans. The ‘high’ holiday 4/20 is Thursday, you can learn to master the Mason jar on Tuesday, and come Saturday, thousands of Seattleites will be marching for science.

Things to do / April 17, 2017

Two big protests in Seattle tomorrow, and more things to know from the week

It’s tough to keep up with everything moving and shaking in your city. Luckily, you’ve got us. Here are a few things to know from the week. > ‘It’s been a difficult week.’ And that’s our mayor putting it mildly. It’s been seven days since The Seattle Times ran a story about three men who […]

Need to know / April 14, 2017

A party for Seattle’s past and 15 more things to do this week

Let’s plan out your week. A radical project to house the city’s homeless launches tonight. Plus: a pun competition, a chat with our governor, and a chance to pet a baby goat.

Things to do / April 10, 2017

Is this ‘the most damning political scandal in recent Seattle history’? — Seattle’s week in 2 minutes

The Seattle Times dropped a bombshell on the city yesterday when it reported that our mayor’s being sued for allegedly sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy in the 1980s. Not only that, but two other men have come forward with similar accounts.

Music / April 7, 2017

Amazon on Seattle’s growth: ‘We have a lot of people working really hard to make sure that we are very good neighbors’

To what extent should a fast growing, wildly successful tech company be held accountable for changes in the city that’s booming along with it? Journalists, audience members, and Amazon VP John Schoettler seemed to be circling that question throughout the tense conversation at Wednesday’s Civic Cocktail.

Business / April 6, 2017

Ask Amazon about Seattle’s growth and 12 more things to do this week

Let’s get out there, Seattle. Amazon’s VP of real estate and facilities is going to talk about how the company’s influencing Seattle’s boom Wednesday. Plus: A post-election book club, an outdoor sale, and work from some young and promising Seattle poets.

Things to do / April 3, 2017

Seattle is now home to the two richest people in the whole wide world

Bill Gates of Microsoft and Jeff Bezos of Amazon head up the billionaires list, Seattle is suing Trump, and get the champagne bottles ready — there could be two big reasons to celebrate soon. One of them is named Bertha.

Need to know / March 31, 2017

‘We know they would stand up for us.’ How good neighbors are helping South Seattle Muslims lose their fear in the Trump era

Yurub Mohamed feels safer in her neighborhood than she has in months. And it all started with a letter.

Neighborhoods / March 30, 2017

20 post-election projects that are out to bridge political divides

We’ve been keeping a lookout for projects that are out to build understanding among different ideologies after that shocking election. Here are the ones we’ve come across so far.

Political Issues / March 28, 2017