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It’s what’s outside that counts: Your love notes to Seattle’s natural beauty

When we asked you what keeps you in Seattle, lots of you mentioned our good friend Mother Nature. And no wonder.

Community / May 30, 2018

‘A stronghold for positive change:’ Your hope for Seattle’s future

Seattle is changing fast. It’s hard to know whether all these changes are leading our city somewhere good. But some of you believe it will. And that’s what‘s keeping you here

Community / May 25, 2018

‘Finding our community was worth it.’ What it means to find your place in Seattle

Feeling at home where you live can be a process. It can take time to warm up to a place, and to find the people, places, and communities that make it worthwhile.

Community / May 24, 2018

What keeps us in Seattle? For a lot of you, it’s family

What keeps each of us in Seattle? For some of you, it’s about roots. The people you love most have a strong place here, and by extension, so do you — both now, and into the future. Here are three striking perspectives readers Ranny Nguyen, Amanda Clark, and Tramale Turner, shared with us, paired with some (beautiful) pics of the family that makes Seattle home. 

Community / May 22, 2018

Three hidden gems to check out on your next stroll through Seattle’s waterfront

Our waterfront is one of those places it’s easy to think you know. But what if instead of going straight to the ferry, or the aquarium, or that place with the crab bibs, you just … walked around?

Art & Culture / May 9, 2018

Two of you went to Seattle’s ‘Not Creepy’ dating mixer. Here’s how it went

Last week we told you about a fascinating new local dating event — The Not Creepy Gathering for People who are Single and Want to Fall in Love. When we asked if anyone wanted to go and report back, Evergrey readers Robbie Barnhart and Dominique Barni signed up to do it.

Community / May 4, 2018

9 books flying off the shelves of Seattle’s only just-poetry book shop

April is National Poetry Month, and we called Open Books: A Poem Emporium in Wallingford to hear what poetry titles by Northwest authors or presses have been flying off the shelves this season.

Art & Culture / April 25, 2018

A Seattle artist shows you the ‘life you might have had’ at her Museum of Almost Realities

“For every choice we make, we kill off an alternate future. Sometimes we have to live with their ghosts.” That quote is what hundreds of locals read before they stepped into April Soetarman’s Museum of Almost Realities.

Art & Culture / April 18, 2018

Win tix to see the Seattle Seawolves!

Did you know that Seattle is home to the 2018 Major League Rugby Champions? Come cheer on your Seawolves as they take on the NOLA Gold at Starfire Stadium in Tukwila on April 21. One lucky Evergrey member will win a pair of tickets. Enter your name and email before noon Thursday, and we’ll announce […]

Uncategorized / April 2, 2018

Enter to win a pair of tix to Civic Cocktail

The next Seattle CityClub Civic Cocktail is coming up this Wednesday. Want a pair of tix? Enter by dropping your name and email below for our random drawing: In partnership with Seattle CityClub  

Uncategorized / March 28, 2018