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“If you aren’t already reading @theevergreythen you don’t understand everything you’re missing! Get caught up on everything happening in #Seattle every morning! Jeff (he/him) / @j_hackmeister –

“Seattle friends: If this city doesn’t feel like home right now, if it’s hard to meet people here, if reading local news feels overwhelming, if you’re aching to observe or get in on meaningful conversations … sign up for @theevergreySara Gentzler/ @SaraGentzler

Shout out to Seattle based@theevergreyand @geekwire who are both listed as examples of journalistic institutions who are creating a local, niche, community to successfully connect with their audience. k. LEE/ @lee_kesia

“Another great profile video from @theevergrey.Mayor Mike McGinn / @mayormcginn”





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testimonials local news in Seattle the Evergrey

“Boggled by land use? Here’s a 10 minute read to give you the basics on #zoning facts and terminology! S/O to @theevergrey for their clear and brief delivery.” Council President M. Lorena González (Seattle) / @CMLGonzalez

“the @theevergrey really knows how to rock a sexy Halloween costume.” nathalie graham /@gramsofgnats

“Thank you, @theevergrey, for last night’s beautiful meal and conversation focused on belonging! Melinda Wears a Mask YF / @myoungflynn”