What are the best drinks in South Lake Union?

South Lake Union can be a real urban jungle: Cranes perched on every corner, construction equipment lying in wait to snarl traffic, and a steady stream of tech workers weaving around closed sidewalks.

Lucky for you, the thirsty traveler, there are plenty of great spots to hunker down and wait out the building boom. And we’ve got just the person to help you find the best cocktails in the neighborhood.

Andrew Bohrer has traveled the world in search of the best drinks,  and now he’s back home in Seattle, working as an artist, writer and consultant — and sometimes drawing pictures of tipsy sea otters.

Join us as we follow Andrew on a cocktail tour of South Lake Union. If you want to try these drinks yourself ask for a “Just for the Night” at MBar, a “Southpaw” at Ba Bar or a “Mind Your Nanners” at Gold Bar.

By Eric Keto
Eric is a video producer based in Seattle, Washington.