Four things you can do to support racial justice in Seattle

(📷: @future_experience) Protests are continuing in our city and around the country this week. But for those who don’t feel safe showing up to march (or who want to do more), the question of “What can I do?” is as pertinent as it’s ever been. A few Seattle-specific ideas: Donate to a local bail fund. […]

/ June 5, 2020

Where to find a mask in Seattle

(📷: @onestoryseattle) By now, you’ve likely heard about King County’s new face covering rules, and you might be feeling slightly anxious if you don’t already have a cloth mask lined up and ready to go. Some helpful info: Common accessories like scarves and bandanas qualify as proper coverings, and the CDC website has tutorials for sewing your own mask or cutting […]

/ May 16, 2020

How Eighth Generation is helping Native art thrive in Seattle

In a little over a decade, Louie Gong went from designing sneakers to overseeing one of the country’s fastest-growing Native companies. Now he’s focused on scaling up and giving back. (📷: Eighth Generation) In just a few short years, Louie Gong has completely shaken up the world of indigenous art in Seattle.  When his company, […]

/ December 21, 2019

The unspoken rules of Seattle

(📷: Jeff Gunn/Flickr)   As citizens of Seattle, there are a lot of laws we are supposed to follow. But what if there was a completely separate list of rules that all Seattleites should know about — and what if they weren’t actually written down anywhere? Sounds crazy, but our Facebook friends came up with plenty of unspoken rules […]

/ December 12, 2019

How to help our homeless neighbors in Seattle

The Nickelsville tiny house village is visible in this view of Seattle’s skyline. (📷: David Lee/Flickr) Every night in Seattle, roughly 5,000 people sleep on the streets, in tents, or in their vehicles. That means most of us see signs of homelessness every day. But figuring out how to process what we see — and […]

/ November 27, 2019

What other cities are getting right when it comes to fixing homelessness

The Salt Lake City skyline (📷: Flickr) Chronic homelessness is an issue affecting major cities from coast to coast. So it’s understandable that one of the first questions that comes to mind when many Seattleites think about homelessness is, “What have other states done successfully that we aren’t doing to fix this problem?” Kelly Gardner […]

/ November 14, 2019

How to flip top-down budgeting: A Q&A with Shaquan Smith

Shaquan Smith knows a thing or two about community engagement. Growing up in Flint, Mich., Shaquan moved to Seattle earlier this year from Detroit, where he worked to educate low-income residents about energy efficiency and build neighborhood resiliency. In April, he joined the city’s Department of Neighborhoods and coordinate its Your Voice, Your Choice participatory […]

/ September 25, 2019

Meet the man behind Seattle’s Somali news source

Runta means “the truth,” in Somali. It’s also the name of a Seattle-based news website, founded by longtime journalist and Somali refugee Mohamud Yussuf. Mohamud started the paper while he was living as a refugee in Nairobi, Kenya, back in 1995. He moved to Seattle a year later, and decided to restart Runta in 2001 […]

/ September 6, 2019

What will Seattle’s new waterfront look like?

Have you been down to the central waterfront recently? Amid the traffic, tourists, and bulldozers the viaduct is steadily disappearing. With all that action, it’s easy to miss the new elements that are taking shape at the waterfront. If you listen hard, you can almost hear the waves lapping at the Washington Street Beach, or […]

/ August 16, 2019

How to get out on the water in Seattle

(📸: Mfranck/Wikimedia Commons) Seattle is an isthmus wedged between two large bodies of water: Puget Sound and Lake Washington. All that water means there is no shortage of places to launch a kayak, standup paddleboard (SUP), or 9-foot-high unicorn floatie. But what if you don’t have a boat or board in your personal possession? No […]

/ July 18, 2019