Locals to Know

‘Hetero’: Everyone is gay and no one dies

Filmed, created, and acted by local PNW’ers, “Hetero” is a new web series that brings viewers queer storylines that go beyond the typical tropes.

/ June 18, 2021

Alanna Francis of Seattle’s Three Dollar Bill Cinema (and her favorite Seattle spots!)

Meet Alanna Francis Alanna is the Development and Community Outreach Manager for Three Dollar Bill Cinema. What is your relationship with Capitol Hill? Capitol Hill has been a place that I have worked for the last six or seven years. I have worked at a variety of different nonprofits that have served Capitol Hill and […]

/ May 8, 2021

Have a drink with Hi Crime

Our latest edition of “have a drink with” is a two-for where we also are introducing you to a new band — Hi Crime. Catch our IG Live with them and our Q&A.

/ April 29, 2021

Have a drink with The Pastry Project

Emily and Heather met while working at Molly Moon’s and now they run The Pastry Project, which offers folks who face barriers in the industry free training.

/ March 26, 2021

‘Have a drink with’ Ravenna Brewing Co.’s head brewer Audra Johansen

The first edition of our new series ‘Have a drink with…’ featuring locals who are doing things in our community we think you should know about. Our first guest is Audra Johansen, the new head brewer for Ravenna Brewing Co.

/ March 12, 2021

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Maya Marie

Maya Marie’s powerful vocals and music are imbued with the sounds of the artists she grew up listening to. Her new EP is out now on Bandcamp.

/ February 26, 2021

A Virtual Lunar New Year Event w/ The Evergrey + International Examiner

Join us in celebrating the Year of the Ox with a panel to discuss the intersections of identity, culture, and food, followed by a cooking demo.

/ January 20, 2021

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Marshall Law Band

Our latest music profile features the Marshall Law Band a group that played for nearly a week straight in the streets of CHOP.

/ January 19, 2021

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Warren Dunes

Warren Dunes brings us a visual EP to help us forget all the bad things happening. The local band sits down to talk about their latest project.

/ December 15, 2020

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Danny Denial

Danny Denial’s latest album was released this past summer and is available to stream on all major platforms. Danny Denial came to Seattle by way of L.A. after a failed attempt at filmmaking. Fortunately, his way of getting over that failure has turned into a fruitful musical journey that has seen him collaborate with a […]

/ October 16, 2020