Locals to Know

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Danny Denial

Danny Denial’s latest album was released this past summer and is available to stream on all major platforms. Danny Denial came to Seattle by way of L.A. after a failed attempt at filmmaking. Fortunately, his way of getting over that failure has turned into a fruitful musical journey that has seen him collaborate with a […]

/ October 16, 2020

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: The Black Tones

Cedric and Eva aren’t just siblings they’re twins who front the rock and roll band The Black Tones. I’m not really sure if this week’s band needs any introduction. They’re one of Seattle’s best local bands that still fly relatively under the radar outside the PNW, which is a shame for everyone else but a […]

/ October 9, 2020

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: BEARAXE

This week’s profile is another one recommended to me by a reader and boy I’m sure glad they reached out (thanks Sarah M.)  BEARAXE is another rock ‘n’ roll-type band whose sound clearly draws from local grunge predecessors like Soundgarden. Lead singer Shaina Shepherd’s impressive range is thanks to growing up listening to gospel and […]

/ October 2, 2020

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Glendal Tautua

Glendal Tautua’s debut album “Bonney in Greenwood” is out now available to stream on most major platforms. Courtesy of Glendal Tautua One of the best parts about starting this column has been discovering artists for myself. While most of the time I’ve been reaching out to musicians whose work I’m familiar with, this week’s artist […]

/ September 25, 2020

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Ayron Jones

Ayron Jones just released another single “Boys from Puget Sound” from his first commercial album which does not have a release date yet. Photo by: Karen Mason Blair Ayron Jones has been around Seattle’s music scene for quite a while and has performed with legends like B.B. King and Run D.M.C. His music harkens back […]

/ September 18, 2020

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Chong the Nomad

Chong the Nomad released the EP “A Long Walk” in August. The EP can be streamed on all major platforms. Seattle is best known for being home to grunge. Sometimes it feels like people forget that The Sonics (the band, not the team), Kenny G, and Quincy Jones are all from the city, too. It […]

/ September 11, 2020

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Hollis

Hollis released her debut solo EP “half-life” in May. 📸: Janae Jones I am super excited to introduce you all to this week’s local musician. You may not recognize her name but you might recognize her voice singing the hook for this track from another Seattle artist.  Not only is she a Grammy-nominated artist, but […]

/ August 21, 2020

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: tigerlily

tigerlily released her debut single “lisbon” last month. This week’s artist bends the rule of the column as she doesn’t technically call Seattle home anymore, but we’re willing to make an exception. You might have seen Tigerlily Cooley in her band, Bleachbear, which she was in with her sister and cousin. Now she’s attending college in New […]

/ August 14, 2020

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Black Ends

L to R: Jonny Modes (drums), Nicolle Swims (vocals/guitar) and Ben Swanson (bass) Chiara Neyman The grunge influence in the band we’re featuring this week is more than just a little obvious. But give their music a listen and you’ll pick up on the garage-rock/punk/pop sound that your mom might just call “noise” but you […]

/ August 7, 2020

🎧 Local Music Lowdown: Falon Sierra

Falon Sierra’s new single Sushi / Samba comes out August 7th. For the second edition of the “Local Music Lowdown,” I’d like to introduce y’all to the very talented Falon Sierra. Falon Sierra started to turn heads in 2017 thanks to her appearance in MoPop’s Sound Off! finals—a 21-and-under battle of the bands style competition. She has […]

/ August 4, 2020