Need to know

Is a taller Seattle a better Seattle? Plus more highlights from the week

It’s tough to keep up with everything moving and shaking in Seattle. Luckily, you’ve got us. Here are a few big things to know from the week.

/ February 24, 2017

Will you be at the Seattle’s Womxn’s March?

The Saturday march is expected to be the third largest women’s march in the country, drawing more than 50,000 people. And people are making lots of posters.

/ January 20, 2017

Why a UW student invited an alt-right writer to campus

Why was alt-right writer Milo Yiannopoulos invited to speak at the University of Washington, and what’s happened since? Jessie Gamble, a UW student and president of the College Republicans, explains in a must-hear interview.

/ January 19, 2017

Best books for Seattle newbies plus two more things to know

In today’s three things to know: A list of fiction and non-fiction books for Seattle newbies, Seattle’s bike share program is dead and our city is 20 percent trees.

/ January 17, 2017

Eight stats to use next time you talk about Seattle’s growth

Next time you find yourself talking to someone about this rapidly growing city of ours, you can throw one of these numbers into the conversation.

/ January 6, 2017

Where are all the native Washingtonians? And two more things to know today

Three things to know today include data on the number of native Washingtonians living in King County, why Mercer is such a mess and why an Eastern Washington town voted for Trump.

/ November 29, 2016