Seattleisms: The Eastside

This week, we present to you another installment of “Seattleisms,” where we help newcomers with the local lingo. Last time we straightened out that it is “Pike Place Market” and NOT “Pike’s Place.” Today we’re giving you an explanation of what “the Eastside” is. Have ideas of what we should cover in future “Seattleisms”? Let us know by […]

/ August 24, 2021

Seattleisms: Pike Place Market

A few weeks ago, we re-upped an old series we called “Seattleisms,” where we break down words and phrases that help you sound like a local. (If you missed that newsletter, you can find it here.) We asked what words and phrases we should do next, and one of the most common responses was the one […]

/ August 11, 2021

Seattle’s best pranks over the years

Over the years, Seattle has seen some pretty spectacular pranks. Here are three that continue to live on in infamy.

/ April 1, 2021

Meet the record label that shaped Seattle’s music scene

Sub Pop Records put Seattle grunge music on the map in the late 1980s — and they haven’t stopped supporting rad artists since.

/ August 3, 2018

The S.L.U.T.: Not as naughty as it sounds

(📸: Seattle Municipal Archives) This post is part of a new series we’re calling Seattleisms, a handy glossary of words and phrases unique to our city that’ll help you #livelikeyoulivehere.  —— thuh-sluht, noun WHAT IS IT? A streetcar that takes riders from South Lake Union to downtown Seattle ABOUT THAT ACRONYM… At first, the streetcar […]

/ July 27, 2018

Meet the Ship Canal, Seattle’s informal equator

This is how your Seattleiest friends figure out whether they’re coming to that shindig you’ve been planning.

/ July 12, 2018

Bettie Page and why Seattle loves her so

Where can you check out Seattle’s famous mural of legendary pin-up model Bettie Page and drag artist Divine? Passing by a Ravenna house on I-5.

/ June 22, 2018

Meet the geoduck, our region’s most phallic clam

How do you pronounce the Pacific Northwest’s most phallic clam’s name? And where does it come from? Here’s how to talk about it like a local.

/ June 7, 2018