What to check out near Angle Lake – the newest light rail stop

SeaTac’s Angle Lake is the newest stop on the light rail that opened on Saturday, Sept. 24. So we hung out with Evergrey reader and longtime resident Kent Palosaari to check it out. Our first stop was Angle Lake Park (pictured above) which is a 10-minute walk just east of the station. Kent said the place lights up on nice days with a great mix of people.

Photo by Anika Anand

We took a seven-minute walk west of the station to get to the Des Moines Creek Park trailhead – a 2.4 mile pedestrian and bike trail that eventually led us to the City of Des Moines Marina – i.e. the magnificent view above. Here, Kent and his young daughter, Mira, have seen huge jellyfish, seals and little crabs they discover when they turn over rocks ?. “There’s a real community feel,” Kent said of the marina. His infectious enthusiasm for getting to know his neighbors left us feeling pretty inspired.