7 weird and wonderful things Seattleites do on a regular basis

Many lifelong Seattleites prickle when they hear the words “Seattle Freeze.” But the reality is that it is hard to make new friends when you’ve just moved to town or when, y’know, you’re a busy adult.

Fear not, we’ve got you. Here are nine sure ways to meet other Rain City dwellers out in your city every month.

1. We think we’re punny

(Photo by: Mónica Guzmán)

Wait ’til you meet the fine folks at the monthly Pundamonium Pun Slam. The evening begins with 10 people who’ve spent days thinking up the best turns of phrase based on a prompt. The evening gets more competitive as the night wears on.
Next event:
Wednesday, Nov. 8 from 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Location: Peddler Brewing Company

2. We watch the worst movie ever made

(Photo by: Central Cinema)

Tommy Wisseau’s The Room is widely considered the worst film ever made…but Seattleites appear to be big fans. The cult classic reportedly sells out almost every month at our favorite dine-in neighborhood cinema.
Location: Central Cinema

3.We work out with strangers

(Photo by: Brian Fisher)

Members of The November Project, a free workout group, are trying their damnedest to unfreeze Seattle and build community through the power of sweating. The group usually meets Wednesdays at Gas Works Park and Fridays in different parks around the city.
Location: Gas Works Park and other parks
Cost: Free

4. We hike like it’s our job

(Photo by: Archana Bhat)

The Washington Trails Association’s Trailblazer app will tell you the nearest hike to where you are, wherever you are.

Next event: Every day
Location: Your phone!
Cost: Depends on the hike

5. On Thursdays, we look at art

(Photo by: Alliance for Pioneer Square)

Art nerds, unite! Hoof it to Pioneer Square every 1st Thursday, Capitol Hill or West Seattle every 2nd Thursday, or just check here for all the Seattle’s neighborhood Art Walks. Once there, wander around neighborhoods to peer curiously at locally made arts and crafts, listen to live music, and drink free—if not very cheap—wine. If you want to see art nearly every day of the week, look no further than here.
Location: Most Seattle neighborhoods
Cost: Free

6. We share our life stories with a crowd

(Photo by: Roy Street Coffee & Tea)

Inspired by The Moth storytelling series, local folks gather once a month to tell and/or listen to Fresh Ground Stories, which encourages people to tell personal stories based on prompts.
Next event: check here

7. We protest like we mean it

(Photo by: Brad Puet)

If you want to know where people are getting active and mobilized and for what causes to support, try visiting these sights: