Communion – comfort food in Seattle for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers, alike!

Communion is the Seattle project of Kristi Brown (a.k.a. “That Brown Girl Cooks!”) and her son and business partner Damon Bomar. The restaurant is located in the Central District where gentrification has driven out the historically Black neighborhood making Communion’s opening significant. Customers can look forward to a menu influenced by her Kansas City childhood and love for the ID. Grab a Bartender’s Choice Cocktail (Bourbon, Jamaican, rum, Cynar, and a beautifully toasted pecan liqueur) or a Mamacita (Grapefruit shrub, Damiana liqueur, Campari, a dash of mezcal, and rosebud tea), then pull out the menu and drool.

This is comfort food in Seattle with a giant C.

This is comfort food for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

comfort food in Seattle for vegans vegetarians meat lovers
Photo Credit: Ian Schneider

“Seattle Soul” is a cuisine rooted in tradition with innovations based on experiences and influences from Seattle’s lush cultural landscape. Chef Kristi’s cooking style is the story of culture and the cross-pollination of neighboring communities.

A peek at the starters at Communion

  • Black-eyed pea hummus (slow-burn) – a traditional Ethiopian blend of spices called Berbere.

A peek at the entrees at Communion

A sweet look at Communion’s desserts

For reservations: communionseattle.com

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