Dance the #[email protected]! away: 14 things to do around Seattle this week

Listen to a reading of the U.S. Constitution: This is part of a national initiative called #ConstitutionOutLoud to help people become better informed citizens. (University of Washington)

Or: Figure out where art goes from here. Seattle artists from all disciplines are coming together to “think creatively about the way forward” in our new political landscape. (Central District)

Dance the #[email protected]! away: These organizers’ event description is too good not to quote: “It’s past Inauguration Day, and the future is one big combination of ‘huh??’ and ‘unnnngh.’ This bash aims to get you through it with sexy, angry togetherness.” Get on that. (Ballard)

Or: Learn how scientists from the Center for Infectious Disease Research are trying to cure malaria. (Seattle Center)

Hear how the media landscape has changed post-election: Our friends at the South Seattle Emerald, The Stranger, KUOW, and The Seattle Times will share their thoughts at this Civic Cocktail event that also includes an interview with Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson. (Downtown Seattle)

Or: Head back to Poli Sci 101 to get a refresher on what power the president of the United States actually has. (Town Hall Seattle)

Party at Hogwarts. Kind of: This unofficial Harry Potter-themed dress-up party features Butterbeer pitchers and Firewhisky shots. (Capitol Hill)

Or: Check out the work of graphic artists inspired by timely themes of social and political dissent. (Sodo)

Watch improv ‘truth or dare’: The performers at Seattle Theatresports have no idea what the truths or dares will be before the show, so be prepared for anything. (Downtown Seattle)

Or: Learn what gets in the way of making city sidewalks more friendly to bikes, strollers, wheelchairs, and pedestrians looking for the ideal path, and what you can do to help. (Downtown Seattle)

Take a walking tour into Seattle’s history: “Prepare to be blown away when you see Seattle this way for the very first time,” writes reader Eric Magnuson, your guide to an urban walking tour during which historians tell you how “Seattle grew from the ashes” to become the city we love. (Downtown Seattle)

Or: Hear four comedians tell their best jokes, then leave to smoke some marijuana, and then come back and attempt to tell more jokes that are hopefully (?) more funny. (Capitol Hill)

Pick up some antiques: With 400 vendors, this big antique show’s got vintage clothes, rare books, jewelry, the works. (Puyallup)

Or: Oh yeah, the Super Bowl! Watch the Falcons play the Patriots and try not to remember that time the Seahawks almost beat New England for what would have been a second straight Super Bowl win. The game starts at 3:30 p.m. PT. ?

Going to one of these events? We’d love to hear how it goes. Send us your thoughts and maybe a pic to [email protected] and we’ll share it back with everybody.