Draw us a picture: What do you want to do in or around Seattle in 2017?

It’s been a wild 2016 — lots of highs and lows — and in a few days you’ll probably start to see a bunch of different “year in review” reflections pop up. So today we want to ask you to do the opposite: Look ahead… and draw about it.

Draw a picture of something you want to do in or around Seattle next year – it could be as simple as going somewhere you’ve never been, taking up a new hobby, or getting more involved in something you care about.

You can use a napkin, a receipt, your iPhone notes app, or this online sketchpad app — doesn’t matter! We’re not looking for Picassos. Stick figures and squiggles are ?.

Email your sketch to us at [email protected] and include a one-sentence summary of what you drew by next Tuesday morning. Or just do it right now. ‘Cause why put off the fun?

We’ll share out your doodles before the holiday. Then, this time next year (yeah, we really plan to still be around ?) we’ll ask you if you ended up doing the thing you wanted to do, and if so, you can tell us how it went.

Want some inspiration? Here are a couple other readers’ doodles to get you thinking:


Mollie Wogg says that next year, “I’m going to attend a City Council meeting!” 


George Perantatos says, “I’ve lived here for 15 years. I want to find something new, kind of secret, and cool in Seattle and share it.”

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!