Bats, beer, Bob Ferguson, & 20 things to do in Seattle this week

Welcome to your new week, Seattle! There are lots of ways to enjoy the city this week: blow glass, go to a mayoral candidate talent show, or head to one of the many parties, events, and festivals that are happening over the weekend. Phew, we dare you to be bored.

Listen to classical music outside. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in July, the Seattle Chamber Music Society is putting on a free outdoor concert, then streaming in whatever musical event is happening at Benaroya Hall. Bonus this week: A “nature activity” while you listen. (West Seattle)

Get to know your (famous) attorney general. Enrique Cerna from KCTS is interviewing Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson at lunchtime. Yup, that’s the guy who helped lead the charge against Trump’s travel ban. You’ll have a chance to ask him your burning questions during Q&A. (Downtown)

Judge the candidates. After they answer some serious policy questions, eight of the people who want to be our mayor will duke it out in a talent competition. The audience decides who survives. (First Hill)

Jam with your kids. A summer concert series for kids kicks off with Cowboy Buck & Elizabeth, a duo with hits like “Cow Cow Yucky Yucky” and “Ants in my Pants.” (Kirkland)

Go batty
. Did you know there are over 15 species of bats here in Washington? Here’s a (comforting) tidbit: None of them feed on blood. Learn more about the bats of our region and go on a guided walk to see them in action. 🌙 (Seward Park)

Look at pretty pianos. Pianos in the Park has lots of cool events planned for this month (seriously, check it out). The kick-off party is your only chance to see all of this year’s artist-decorated pianos in one place before they settle in their new homes in parks all over the city. (Capitol Hill)

Get out of the city. Check out this music festival that has guided paddle boarding, kayak tours, flashlight tag, stargazing, and — wait for it — s’mores. (Carnation)

Check out inflatable art. Run through a big inflatable tunnel and surround yourself with balloons “while a million colors get projected around you and a soundscape explodes in your ear.” (Capitol Hill)

Drink local
. A wine festival in Kirkland and the Bremerton Brewfest can keep you buzzing all weekend.

It’s party time. West Seattle Summer Fest starts, and the Seafair Seattle Pow-Wow is back for its 30th year of celebrating Native American and indigenous cultures. For a totally different feel, go to Woodland Park Zoo for their wild Jungle Party.

Celebrate an awesome culture. Take your pick: a Japanese celebration at a local Buddhist church, “the largest pan-Asian celebration in the Northwest” in the International District, or an event full of Arab arts and culture at Seattle Center.

Eat in the street. The Seattle Street Food Festival is serving it up through Sunday. Oh, and there’s a night market happening to sweeten the deal. (South Lake Union)

Listen to women in jazz. A group of female Seattle musicians will play before a movie about the history of women in jazz. (Downtown)

Get an inside look at glass blowing. At Pilchuck Glass School’s open house, you can watch pros blow glass, then make some cool things yourself. (Stanwood)

Going to one of these events? We’d love to hear how it goes. Send us your thoughts and maybe a pic to [email protected] and we’ll share it back.