Fish, With a Side of Ballard History


THE PERSON: Pete Knutson, fisherman

THE STORY: Pete Knutson is a 47-year commercial fisherman, a fourth-generation Ballardite, and a college professor. When he’s not up in Alaska catching salmon, you’ll find him down on the dock at Fishermen’s Terminal selling it. In fact, Knutson led the charge to make sure commercial fishing remains at the heart of Seattle since it’s a tradition that stretches back more than 100 years. While Pete’s happy to share a story, he also wants to make sure you leave with just the right fillet.

QUOTABLE: “There’s a hunger to make a connection to this old industry down here. It was the fishing industry that built Ballard.”

FUN FACT: Knutson also teaches anthropology at Seattle Central College.

CHECK IT OUT: Stop by Fishermen’s Terminal to pick up some salmon, or just check out a working commercial fishing port. It’s the only major West Coast harbor still dedicated solely to commercial vessels, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

By Eric Keto
Eric is a video producer based in Seattle, Washington.