Four Spots to Take Your Date in Seattle

There are plenty of things to worry about when it comes to dating. Do I have something in my teeth? Did my Sid and Nancy joke come off as needy? Am I putting on a facade? Is it all just a facade?  

With so many micro-moments to overanalyze, the last thing you want to worry about where to take your date. Luckily Cora Boyd, Seattle’s dating coach for men, has us covered with a handful of date spot suggestions:


Drinks at Zig Zag Cafe

The what: A small upscale yet affordably priced cocktail lounge nestled between the winding staircases behind Pike Place Market.

The vibe: Intellectual. This trendy little hideaway serves up dimly lit 1920s Parisian salon vibes that will get you theorizing on how a rose is a rose is a rose. Somehow, the cafe also manages not to be pretentious at all. A fine art indeed.

The when: This cafe is timeline friendly and would ignite the flame on a first date just as well as it would kindle the sparks on a 60th date.

The move: Take your date here after work on a weeknight to unwind in style during Happy Hour, or after an event or show for some late-night conversation and a flirty sense of privacy in a public setting. Because this venue is tucked away between winding staircases, you really only know about it if you’ve been before, so your date will think you’re both cool and sophisticated. Order cocktails and share the greek fries. You won’t regret it.


Dinner at Bizzaro Italian Cafe

The what: An eclectic and homey Italian eatery in Wallingford with a classic hearty menu and more chandeliers than you ever knew could fit on one ceiling.

The vibe: Earthy, warm, and inviting. The cluttered and eccentric decorations at all angles and on every available surface are enough to leave Marie Kondo gasping for air. But there’s something comforting about a space filled with tchotchkes — if the conversation lags, there will be no shortage of items to observe and discuss.

The when: This is a great place to come for a late dinner on a weeknight to debrief on respective happenings after a long day apart.

The move: The cafe breeds a sense of relaxed familiarity, so it’s an excellent locale to get to know each other on a deeper emotional level on a fifth or sixth date.


Dancing at Sea Monster Lounge on Funky 2 Death Fridays

The what: Live funk music that will will get you bopping in short funk-a-logical order, every Friday night at the Sea Monster Lounge in Wallingford.

The vibe: Funky fresh. ‘Nuff said.

The when: Friday night, baby.

The move: Bring your date here on a third or fourth date when you’re both ready to get physical on the dance floor and you’re looking for an excuse to be in close proximity. Time travel together to 1970s New Orleans, and the chemistry is sure to heat up when you show off your dance moves.


Get Jazzy at The Royal Room

The what: A beautifully curated and, yes, regal jazz bar in Columbia City with beats as icy as the brews, and melodies as smooth as the whiskey.

The vibe: Sexy, old-timey, and intimate. This venue is a fixture in Seattle’s music scene and attracts a community of all ages and walks of life with a shared appreciation for the arts.  

The when: Grab tickets for a weekend night live show and snuggle up at a table to soak up some dulcet tones.

The move: Come here on a sixth or seventh date when you have an established rapport, as you may find yourself wanting to listen more than you want to talk — save for the occasional joke you’ll crack with the jazz cats at the next table over. This date is a perfect way to unwind, experience the wonder of live music together, and feel just a little bit like you’re living out a noir film romance. Hopefully this one has a happy ending.