Fresh Ground Stories brings live storytelling to a Seattle coffee shop

One Thursday a month, a group of storytellers and people who appreciate live storytelling gather at Roy Street Coffee & Tea on Capitol Hill. The theme of the event, called Fresh Ground Stories, is different each month, and last night’s was about permission slips and “stories of going for it.”

Whether you’re a regular or a first-time storyteller, everyone must follow the same rules: The story must be true; it must have happened to you; you can’t use notes, you must keep it under eight minutes, and finally, it helps “to know your last line first.” The full list of rules are laid out here by Paul Currington, who runs the monthly show.

We first found out FGS from Evergrey reader Miriam Kolker. She writes, “Every month I feel rejuvenated by true stories told in a warm Seattle community. I love to just sit and listen. Last night’s story of a transgender woman giving herself permission to be happy particularly resonated with me for being such a simple, universal message in personal acceptance.”

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