Meet the geoduck, our region’s most phallic clam

This post is part of a new series we’re calling Seattleisms, a handy glossary of words and phrases unique to our city that’ll help you #livelikeyoulivehere. 


gooey-duck, noun

WHAT IS IT? A species of giant, burrowing clam native to the Pacific Northwest. The creature’s name comes from the Nisqually and Lushootseed word gʷídəq, or “dig deep.” They live to be more than 150 years old.

KNOWN FOR… Its slightly crunchy, sweet-tasting flesh and looking rather, um, phallic. 🍆 Eater describes the delectable clam’s looks as “something in between a prehistoric bottom-feeder and Jabba the Hutt’s infant grandchild.”

FUN FACT: The geoduck is The Evergreen State College’s school mascot. His name is Speedy.

USAGE: “OMG why do you have nudes on your phone?!”

“Dude, chill. That’s just from when I went digging for geoducks.”


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