Got time for a few questions? Tell us what you’d like to see The Evergrey do in 2017

The Evergrey turns two months old tomorrow ? and it has been quite the ride. With every newsletter (this is #65), every callout, and every new story or project, we hope we’re making the case that you are the heart of this city. We’re out to help you feel more powerful right here where you live, and there’s not a single thing we’d rather be doing.


We all have a part to play in how the city’s changing – and where we want it to go. So we asked you: What would you preserve about Seattle? (Here’s what you told us in this beautiful love letter to the city). What questions do you have for Seattle natives and transplants? (You sent in so many good ones we’re excited to share back, with answers, next year). And what’s something you want to do in Seattle in 2017? (Here are all your creative doodles).

We also have some pretty incredible people around here: a guerrilla gardener who uses stuffed animals to stand up to a developer, a bartender who gives inspirational Saturday sermons, a woman who’s capturing stories about a grocery store and a foster mom who wants to see some dramatic changes to the state’s foster care system.

And this city has some strong communities to plug into: like the one that works out outdoors together at 6:29 a.m., rain or shine, the one that keeps an eye on changing neighborhoods or the one that’s using technology to solve the city’s challenges.

We’re excited about a bunch of things coming up: Working with new writers (apply for the Writing Group by December 31!); taking a trip to Sherman County, Oregon (yep, we are working on making this happen); and partying with you all at a soon-to-be announced official launch celebration.

In the meantime, we’d love to know what you’ve liked about The Evergrey so far, and what more we can be doing to help you feel more connected to this city. Our questions are short and mostly multiple choice, so if you can spare a few minutes over the holiday, we’d appreciate it!

We’re off starting tomorrow and will be spending time with our friends and family (Anika says big thanks to her husband, and Mónica says big thanks to her husband and kids for putting up with our crazy schedules the last few months). But we’ll be back Monday, January 2, ready to tackle the new year with you.

Thank you for an amazing couple months!