Have a drink with Jeremy Buben and the FoodArt Collective

If you’re hungry for art — get it? — then you’ll for sure want to check out Jeremy’s gallery of art inspired by food. Started in 2017, Jeremy runs the gallery out of his one-bedroom Capitol Hill apartment. The line blurs between the gallery and living quarters of the apartment. Art is displayed all over and when we say all over, we mean it. If you missed it, catch our IG Live with Jeremy here, and be sure to follow the FoodArt Collection IG page and visit their website to schedule a visit of your own.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Sharing the art and artists I am enthusiastic about with Seattle.

What’s your favorite hidden gem in Seattle?

Orcas Paley in Hillman City. It is a jewel box-sized store, occasional art gallery, and a wonderful place to chat with the proprietors Peter and Patrick.

Where are two places you’d take an out-of-town guest?

Cascadia Art Museum in Edmonds and Brigid’s Bottleshop next door for a beer afterward.

If you were to give a piece of advice to a newcomer to Seattle, what would it be?

Be curious. Seattle is filled with amazing people doing amazing things that nobody in Seattle has even heard of.

If you could change anything about Seattle, what would it be?

Why is food so expensive in Seattle?

Who or what are 5 Seattle people or organizations more people should know about?

Museum of Museums (MoM)The Hideout (First Hill), Miri’s Golden Gardens for Poffertjes (Dutch pancakes), Nico Cox (Antiquarian Horologist), Robert Yoder & Season (home art gallery in Ravenna).