Cast your vote: Which of your questions about homelessness should we answer first?

Let’s face it: There’s so much we don’t get about homelessness in Seattle. How it happens, why it’s happening to more than 12,000 of us in King County, and why we can’t seem to stop it.

So first off, thanks to everyone who took the time to send in a candid, honest question about homelessness in Seattle. We’ve selected three of your questions to share back with you for a vote. They represent curiosities and concerns we heard from a lot of you, and we’d be down to help you tackle any of them.

Cast your vote: Which of the below questions should we explore first?

UPDATE, 1 p.m.: Thanks everyone for your votes! Submissions are now closed, and The Evergrey will pursue the following winning question: Does Seattle get an influx of homeless people from outside areas attracted to better services?”

We’re thrilled that we can help you get to the bottom of one of these questions. We’re even more thrilled that we’re not the only ones. After you cast your vote for which of the above questions you’d like us to tackle, head on over to GeekWire. They’ve partnered with us to hear and answer your questions, and they’ll have a different set of ‘em ready for your vote by 11 a.m. today.

On July 19, even more awesome local journalists will join the project. Crosscut, Seattlepi.com, Real Change, and Patch will ask their audiences to share and pick questions for them to report. Real Change is co-created with locals who’ve experienced homelessness, so we’re especially excited that they’re in the mix. 👍

But back to the present » don’t forget to vote on the three questions above! Voting closes tomorrow at 10 a.m., it’ll only take a second, and no one is better qualified to help than you.

Big thanks to GeekWire, Crosscut, Seattlepi.com, Real Change, and Patch for accepting our invite to try this out with us; to Crosscut for coordinating #SeaHomeless day July 19, when several local media outlets will cover stories around homelessness in Seattle; to Hearken for letting us use their tool for this collaborative local project; and to all of you for thinking and caring about your city.