Karen Braitmayer is designing a more inclusive  Seattle

MEET THIS CHANGEMAKER: Karen Braitmayer, architect and principal of Studio Pacifica

WHAT SHE’S DOING: You may not know it, but Karen Braitmayer’s architectural consulting studio  has left its marks around town. You’ve probably encountered some of her work if you’ve ever been to the Space Needle renovation, the Central Library and the Pike Place MarketFront.  Braitmayer teaches architects across the Pacific Northwest how to incorporate accessible design into their buildings. Unwelcoming environments come in many forms, from wheelchair accessibility problems, to excess noise, to confusing signage. Karen combats these and other problems as she works with fellow architects to make Seattle a more welcoming place for all of us.       

FUN FACT: Two new projects Braitmayer is most excited about in Seattle: The waterfront and the light rail expansion.   

QUOTABLE: “Accessible architecture is good architecture. It creates places for all people.”

HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED: Curious to see what accessible design looks like in action? Check out the Amazon Understory, a free public exhibit. Braitmayer consulted on the project and says it’s a great spot to see plenty of examples of inclusive design.

By Eric Keto
Eric is a video producer based in Seattle, Washington.