Meet Hannah, The Evergrey’s new director

👋  Hi! I’m Hannah, The Evergrey’s new local director.

I’ve been helping to write the newsletter since Grace left in November, and I wanted to introduce myself!

I love Seattle for the reasons you probably do too — the music, the great outdoors, the food and coffee and more food, etc. But now I’m excited to discover the city through all of your eyes.

I’m a longtime Evergrey reader and have lived in Seattle for about seven years now. I grew up across the Sound on Bainbridge Island (where Grace and I went to high school together) and have been a part of the local journalism community for the past few years. You can learn more about my favorite (and not-so-favorite) things about our city down below. 👇

I can’t get enough of – 

Books. Seattle’s bookstores, the library, the being-an-introvert-with-my-face-in-a-book lifestyle.I used to work at Madison Books in Madison Valley (go check ‘em out and tell them I say hi!) and love being a part of the independent bookstore world in this city. Also, I think we have such an awesome collection of Little Neighborhood Libraries all around town.

Something in Seattle I’m unreasonably excited about – 

The lightrail! I’m about a 10-minute walk from the Roosevelt Station now and even though we have many routes to go, it’s been a real game-changer. Also, I’m very excited about the happy hour at Dino’s Pizza Pie in Capitol Hill – $2 Rainiers and Garlic Knots anyone?

If I had to give a vote for Seattle’s hidden gem, it’d go to – 

Motown Monday at The Runaway / Neumos, in Capitol Hill. There’s no better way to start the week.

The three places I’d visit on any weekend –

🛍 SODO Flea Market

🗿 Olympic Sculpture Park

☕️ Geraldine’s Counter, for our city’s best biscuit 

A friend visits from out of town. I’m not letting them leave without eating …

🥞 The buckwheat pancakes at Sabine

🧆 All the dips at Mamnoon

🍷 Drinks and bruschetta at Vito’s 

🍶 Sake at Hannyakou 

🥪 Any of the sandwiches (+ tots!) at Valhalla Sandwiches 

(Honestly, they may never be able to leave. I have so much food I want to show them…)

I wish Seattle had more/less – 

More accessible services and affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness. The city is growing so rapidly, with not enough effort put towards spreading resources evenly. 

Seattle should pay more attention to – 

The Seattle Public Library and all its branches. Yeah, I’m bringing up books one more time here BUT they have so much more than that. The wide range of accessible and free services they offer constantly blows my mind and I hope they’re an immortal institution in our city. This Arthur song lives year-round rent-free in my head.