Survey: Let’s get real about news and trust

UPDATE: Submissions for the survey are now closed. Thanks to everyone who shared their insights!

Just one in every five American adults trusts national news organizations, according to the Pew Research Center. And only 1 in 20 trusts the news they see on social media. Considering how important good information is to, you know, navigating the world around us, whether we can trust what we hear is a pretty big deal.

So we’re partnering with the nonpartisan Seattle CityClub to ask all of you — How are you feeling about all of this lately, and what would you change to make it better?

Take our short survey below and stay tuned. We’ll share back some of your answers, and a lucky three respondents will each win a $150 pair of tickets to Seattle CityClub’s Truth, Trust, and Democracy event on June 27. CityClub might even ask to feature you in a video they’ll show at the event, where national news leaders will dig into this issue and what in the world we can do about it. 

UPDATE: Submissions for the survey below are now CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who shared their insights!

Let's get real about media and democracy

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  • For example: News stories you've read and reacted to, conversations with family and friends, tense exchanges on Facebook, shifts since the 2016 election, etc.
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