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Jan 23 2019

🍻 The drunk coyotes of Ballard

Plus: Spring in January

Hey there, it’s Wednesday. It’s no secret that housing is a big deal in Seattle. As our region’s grown, so has the magnitude of our county’s homelessness crisis. Will the shiny new apartment towers be balanced out with enough more affordable housing?

That feeling of urgency prompted reader J.J. to ask us this question…

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Jan 22 2019

👍 to transit 👎 to bike lanes

Plus: A new report says what?!

Hello there and welcome to Tuesday. For seven years in the 1980s and ‘90s, Seattle activists occupied the empty Colman School building and demanded it be repurposed into the Northwest African American Museum. The museum opened in 2008 and is a cultural and historical hub for the Central District’s
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Jan 21 2019

🎨 Meet Washington's “O.G.” George W. Bush

Plus: 28 fun things to do around Seattle this week

Heya, welcome to Monday — and happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Before we jump into all the events happening this week — marches! Movies! Muppets! — we wanted to share back something interesting reader Abraham Epton learned during a recent trip to Tacoma.

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Jan 18 2019

🌝 Um, what's a 'super wolf blood moon'?

Plus: What should Seattle look like in 2030?

Hey there and welcome to Friday. Let’s pretend it’s 2030 in Seattle. Our dearly departed viaduct is gone and our waterfront’s looking fresh. The Northgate and Lynnwood light rail stations are done, and our region’s population is 4.6 million strong.

If you could
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Jan 17 2019

🙃 This furloughed life

Plus: Join us for an art party

Hey hey it’s Thursday. You free on Wednesday, Jan. 30? Good. ‘Cause we’re setting up an art party in the Central District. And you are very much invited.

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Jan 16 2019

🙂 ‘I hope the viaduct’s concrete spirit burns in highway hell’

Plus: Seattle’s hot new hashtag

Hello, it’s Wednesday. Today, we’re wrapping up our series about the Central District neighborhood by tackling a question over 100 of you voted for us to answer: How did the CD become the CD?

The answer involves a restaurant, generous neighbors, and some seriously awful housing policies, like redlining. 👇

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Jan 15 2019

🏠 'Is it wrong to live in a house?'

Plus: The Bellevue gymnast who broke the Internet

Hey there, it’s Tuesday. And you sure do know how to get to the heart of things. Take housing, for instance. We asked you to send us your deep-down questions about a red-hot issue that hits on everything from what our neighborhoods look and feel like to who can afford to live in the city at all.

And you sent us these

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Jan 14 2019

😱 How to survive in Seattle without a smartphone

Plus: 28 fun things to do this week

Well hello there, it’s Monday. Forty percent of you are reading this on your smartphone right now, but Seattle’s Michael Valeri never will. He’s the proud owner of a AT&T Cingular Flip 2 he flicks open like a switchblade. And in a couple weeks, he’s going to give a class at a local tech hub called “Swipeless in Seattle: How to Live Without a Smartphone.
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Jan 11 2019

🐟 There's something fishy in the Central District

Plus: ‘It’s still there on the books, and it’s wrong.’

Hey there, it’s FryFriday. There’s no trout that Seattle’s an incredible place for fresh seafood. Ever catch yourself singing a tuna about your cravings? Would you gill for a fresh bowl of fish stew?

We know the best Central District spot to check out…

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Jan 10 2019

🤔 Your guide to zoning in Seattle

Plus: Just one more day ‘til Viadoom

Hello and welcome to Thursday. Seattle’s growing fast — and we have the booming population and a record number of cranes to prove it.

But how do we make room for all of our new neighbors and make sure longtime and str
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