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May 23 2019

♻️ Going green, beyond the grave

Plus: The fight to save Seattle’s exceptional trees

Hello there, it’s Thursday. And today we’re talking about Washington’s new human body composting law and Amazonians’ push for climate-friendly business policies.

But first, let’s dig into another eco-friendly topic that’s near and dear to most Seattleites: trees.

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May 22 2019

🕰️ What should go in the Space Needle's time capsule?

Plus: How to get your hands on a CPR training kit

Hey there, happy Wednesday. You know that feeling when you think you lost something important, only to discover it several days later tucked away in a coat pocket or a purse you hardly ever use?

Well, that’s sort of what happened to Space Needle workers back in 2017, when they discovered a time capsule that had been forgotten after it was hidden on the observation deck back in 1982.

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May 21 2019

🚘 Why Seattle likes to drive in circles

Plus: How boats and noise affect local orcas

Hey hey, it’s Tuesday, and today we’re talking about traffic and one of the quirkier aspects of Seattle’s network of roadways.

Before we get to that, though, let’s take a moment to bask in the natural beauty of our surroundings.

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May 20 2019

🍽️ Where to find tasty Arabic food in Seattle

Plus: Meet the cats who chase the Dick’s mice away

Hey there, welcome to Monday. We’re about to wrap up the voting round in our neighborhood spotlight series on Pioneer Square, so get those votes in before 9 a.m. tomorrow. Natalie Evans’ question about the origins of the neighborhood’s totem pole is currently in the lead, but it’s still anyone’s ballgame.

Involving you all in the selection of our neighborhood
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May 17 2019

🐿️ Beware of Kevin

Plus: Edith Macefield’s legacy lives on

Good morning, and if you’re out and about in Seattle this weekend, we’ve got two tips for you: check out these impressive spots by The Infatuation and avoid Kevin. (Scroll to the end of our newsletter for more on that latter tip).

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May 16 2019

😋 Did someone say ube cheesecake?

Plus: Your hilarious reactions to our crow-diving video

Hey there, it’s Thursday. And we sure had fun hanging out with an awesome crew last night at Smith Tower! Check out our Instagram story to see some pics from the evening.

Speaking of spectacular views, Seattle was treated to quite the rainbow sunset show the other night. We’re loving this moody shot from Mardi Labuguen. 😍

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May 15 2019

💥 The Seattle boom that started it all

Plus: ‘Tis the season for cute baby animals

Hello and welcome to Wednesday. Today we’re going back in history to share the story of the Klondike Gold Rush — the event that set off Seattle’s first population boom all the way back in 1897.

But first, we want to hear your questions about Pioneer Square. Did you know that the Suquamish and Duwamish people used to live in 17 different villages in the area? Or that the neighborhood once housed the country’s
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May 14 2019

🎬 Is ‘Microzon’ ready for its close-up?

Plus: We now return to our regularly scheduled complaining

Hey there, it’s Tuesday. The damp and dreary weather is back, so it’s time to pack up the picnics and return to one of Seattle’s favorite pastimes: complaining.

Before we get to that, though, let’s take a moment to remember all the amazing moments we enjoyed outdoors last week. 🌞

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May 13 2019

🌿 This isn't your grandmother's terrarium

Plus: Viking brewers, a Ramadan celebration, and 14 other events to check out this week

Hello and welcome to Monday. We hope the sunny weekend gave you a chance to get out and enjoy Seattle at its finest.

Ready to dig into the week? We’re meeting up tonight for a terrarium building class at The Works — which just happens to be one of Seattle’s coolest community spaces. We recently chatted with founder and owner Kellie Phelan about what goes on at The Works&#
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May 10 2019

🎨 What happens when an artist and a developer collaborate

Plus: Seattle is (probably) getting scooters after all

Hey hey, happy Friday. Today we’ve got the latest scooter news and some ideas on how to celebrate Mom this weekend. But first we’re excited to kick off our newest neighborhood spotlight series on Pioneer Square.

As Seattle’s first downtown, Pioneer Square has played a number of roles over the years: historic epicenter, skid row, gayborhood, and sports-fan playground, to name a few.

Our first story zeroe
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