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Jul 17 2019

♻️ What do with all that Amazon packaging

Plus: Why Seattle is sending intoxicated people to the ER

Hey hey, it’s Wednesday. And we’re starting off today with a pop of color to brighten up this week’s cloudy weather.

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Jul 16 2019

🎬 Where to watch a movie under the stars in Seattle

Plus: Another way to celebrate Prime Day

Hello there and welcome to Tuesday. It’s gonna be a wet week across Seattle, but don’t despair: As of now (fingers crossed), the weekend forecast shows nothing but sun. Is that finally you, summer?

Sun or no sun, plenty of fun was had out on Green Lake over the weekend during the 47th annual read more

Jul 15 2019

🍓 Come jam out with us

Plus: How to score some free trees

Why hello there, and welcome to Monday. Berry season is upon us, and that means it’s time to kick out the jams. Next week, we’re partnering with The Works to turn all those farmers’ market treats into a tasty pantry staple.

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Jul 12 2019

💪 ‘White girls and black girls … straight girls and gay girls’

Plus: A new home for stories in the Central District

Hey hey, it’s Friday. And before we get to the news, we’ve got an exciting development of our own: We’re hiring!

We’re on the hunt for the next sales rep extraordinaire to help us connect with local businesses and organizations that support our mission of helping you live like you live here. If that sounds like something you, or someone you know, can get down with then send
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Jul 11 2019

💵 When a full-time job isn’t enough to make rent

Plus: Mountain goat moving day is here again

Well what do ya know, it’s Thursday. And today we’re launching a new series of videos about the hurdles that our homeless neighbors face in finding stable employment and getting back on their feet.

But first, we’ve got some updates on Olympic National Park’s flying mountain goats. 🐐

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Jul 10 2019

💔 Why all the ghosting, Seattle?

Plus: The T-Rexes take on Emerald Downs

Hello there, and welcome to Wednesday. The calendar might say July, but today’s wet weather will be more reminiscent of March or April.

Whether you’re calling it “Februly” or just “annoying,” one thing is for certain — it sure beats being choked in wildfire smoke. 🤞

And don’t forget: Cloudy skies create the m
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Jul 09 2019

👋 Say hello to our new local director

Plus: Megan Rapinoe for president

Hey hey, it’s Tuesday. And we’ve got big news. Our own Caitlin Moran is stepping up as The Evergrey’s new director. She grew up in the Puget Sound region, loves (and we mean loves) the outdoors, and may or may not be on a secret mission to work in as many read more

Jul 08 2019

❄️ Take a swipe at the Seattle Freeze

Plus: Help a neighbor find a good bagel

Why hello there, and welcome to Monday. Making friends in Seattle can be so dang 😩 that we’ve given it a name: the Seattle Freeze. It’s persistent, it’s relentless, and we’re teaming up with the folks at Flatiron School — and you — to destroy it.

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Jul 05 2019

🏌 Just remember: It’s all in the hips

Plus: Food to restore your faith in Seattle?

Hey hey, it’s Friday, and we hope you all had a fun Independence Day relaxing with family and friends.

Today we’re returning to our summer bucket list with an idea for your next sunny Saturday.

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Jul 03 2019

😋 This is what Seattle summers taste like

Plus: Take five for the Fourth of July

Hey hey, it’s Wednesday. Thirsty? No, not in the dating app and sliding into DMs way. We’re talking about drinks, and we’re sipping in true Seattle fashion…

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