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Sep 19 2018

😋 Our pie queen's on 'Martha Stewart'

Plus: Come build shelter for your neighbors

Hey hey, it’s Wednesday. And if you want to karaoke in Macklemore’s Cadillac, play giant Pac-Man, and help kiddos in struggling families ace school, we’ve got your ticket.

Invite just one friend to sign up for The Evergrey using your unique link to our sign-up form, below, and we’ll put you in a drawing for a pair of VIP tix to Night Out for Caring, a big, family-friendly party for good that’
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Sep 18 2018

😮 Our median income is what now?

Plus: Get gross for Seattle.

Good morning, it’s Tuesday. Did you catch that rogue funnel cloud that swirled over Ballard Sunday? Some people thought tornado. We thought the sky’s rally day thumbs-up to our champion Seattle Storm.

In any case, these bits of wet and grey are starti
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Sep 17 2018

😸 Beer, more beer, and a cat video film fest

Plus: 27 fun things to do around Seattle this week

Hey there, welcome to Monday. Been cheering on the Seahawks? Football season kicked off a couple weeks ago — and our ‘Hawks had a bit of a rocky start.

But that doesn’t mean our city loves ‘em any less.

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Sep 14 2018

⚾️ How Seattle got its moose

Plus: The best reads of the summer

Happy Friday, all. The Seattle Mariners are facing off against the Los Angeles Angels tonight in their first of three games. Whether you’re a diehard baseball fan or you’re just there for the read more

Sep 13 2018

🌊 Should we take her?

Plus: Shout out that rock star who made your day

Happy Friday Jr., folks. And hell yes Seattle Storm! When they beat the Washington Mystics in Game 3 to win their third WNBA title last night, we were as excited as her. Or read more

Sep 12 2018

😴 This one's for you early birds

Plus: Landmarks can’t get demolished … right?

Hey hey, it’s Wednesday. Want to be on a boat next Friday, Sept. 21? For a 7 a.m. dance party? Sure you do. Because life is short, sunrises are stunning, and you’ll be back on land, all refreshed for work, by 8:15 a.m.

We’re talking about an epic boat cruise from our friends at Daybreaker Seattle, who throw big, life-affirming parties read more

Sep 11 2018

🇲🇽 ‘We can’t let anyone else define us’

Plus: We'll tell you over drinks

Good morning, it’s Tuesday. And if you’re a lucky ticket holder, you can’t wait for tonight. That’s when Café Tacvba, the legendary Mexican rock band, will play a big, sold-out show at the Moore Theatre. As Evergrey director and dual Mexican and U.S. citizen Mónica Guzmán can tell you — it’s not every day you see Mexico’s biggest acts come all the way up here. But that
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Sep 10 2018

🍁 Moon cakes, stressed-out brains, and cannabis trivia

Plus: 27 fun things to do around Seattle this week

Congrats, you made it to another Monday! 🙌 We don’t know how you feel about heights, but this photo make us a wee bit nervous…

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Sep 07 2018

🔍 The great mystery soda machine hoax

Plus: Come make ‘guerilla compliments’ with us!

Oh hey, you made it to Friday! Today, we want to invite you to do something with us that’s bound to give you the warm fuzzies…

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Sep 06 2018

🚲 Hey bike, take a hike

Hey there, it’s Thursday. The Seattle Design Festival kicks off today and will be filling our city (and our calendars) with awesome installations, outdoor exhibits, city tours, workshops, and more. It’s running through September 21.

New to the event? Let’s get you acquainted…

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