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Nov 16 2018

🌲 Help us find Bigfoot, Seattle

Plus: 🐼-monium

Well look at that, it’s Friday! We’ve been talking a lot about how we give back to Seattle over the last couple months. And now, we want to help a couple of you figure out the perfect ways to give your time and money to your city — on your budget and on your terms.

BUT FIRST! Scroll down to the bottom of our newsletter to meet our newest (and hairiest) colleague. We’ll wait…

…And now, let’s tell you more about this about the latest t
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Nov 15 2018

😝 Better than a peanut butter and onion sandwich

Plus: 'We have created a culture of intolerance'

Happy Thursday, folks. Lots of us are getting our stretchy pants ready for next week, whether we’re chowing down at Thanksgiving dinner to avoid awkward conversation, skipping the holiday to relax (or on principle),
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Nov 14 2018

🙃 'Seattle is now second fiddle'

Plus: a fascinating meeting in the Central District

Hey there, it’s Wednesday. When we talk about the ways our city is growing and who’s welcome, one issue keeps popping up: gentrification.

Nowhere is that a bigger conversation than in the historically black Central District. Some neighbors there feel like they can’t push back against changes that are transforming the neighborhood.

Last month, activi
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Nov 13 2018

🕷 Why we're kissing Spider-Man

Plus: How much for those Seahawks?

Hello there and welcome to Tuesday. We’re over here recovering from last night’s trivia trip around the world with international students in town from everywhere.

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Nov 12 2018

🤔 What if we were more open about money?

Plus: 27 great things to do in Seattle this week

Hey all and welcome to Monday. We hope you had the coziest of weekends as our winter weather sets in. ❄️ We’re just 10 days away from Thanksgiving, which is a nice time to take stock of the year, what we’re grateful for, and how we can help people around us — like we did last Wednesday with a bunch of you at FareStart.

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Nov 09 2018

😧 Who stole Fremont’s famous sign?

Plus: We'll miss you, City Arts

Hey there, it’s Friday! 🙌 Ever want to give back to Seattle, but think your donation might be too small to make a difference? We’ve rounded up some awesome local businesses and nonprofits where small gifts can make a huge impact for our Evergrey Giving Guide.

Why? Because sometimes our wallets aren’t as big as our hearts — and giving back is easier than you think. (And speaking of giving back and making connections, check out the bottom of our newsletter for an
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Nov 08 2018

💰 Look who solved the head tax

Plus: See ya later, whales

Hey hey, it’s Thursday. And now that we’ve spent the week being all 🇺🇸, it’s time to go 🌍. No need to travel far, though. We’ve partnered with a great local org to give you a fun way to make global connections right here in Seattle…

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Nov 07 2018

🏙 'What a farce'

Plus: your local election results

Hey hey, you made it to Wednesday! Last night, lots of us watched as our votes got tallied up. Nationally, Democrats won the majority in Congress and Republicans kept their majority in the Senate, but we’ll let The New York Times give you all those deets.

So what can we take away locally from last night’s midterms? Here are a few of your reactions to our e
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Nov 06 2018

😱 How Seattle feels about this election, in GIFs

Plus: 'Most have a soft, nougaty center'

Hey there, it’s Tuesday — and guess what: You made it to Election Day.

Nov 05 2018

😬 7 local spots to bite your nails on Election Night

Plus: 28 fun things to do around Seattle this week

Oh hey, it’s Monday — and we hope you’re pumped for the week after that extra hour of sleep yesterday. 😴 Hang on to that energy, though, because this week might get a little intense.

Why? Because tomorrow’s Election Day.

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