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Mar 22 2019

🏗️ Is the future of housing stackable?

Plus: Farewell to a Mariners legend
Hey hey, Happy Friday. We've got news today about the latest City Council shakeup and some bittersweet Ichiro videos to send us into the weekend. But first, we're wrapping up our Changemakers series on architecture and design by checking in with two entrepreneurs who are out to change the way we think about affordable housing — block by block.
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Mar 21 2019

🤑 Say it with us: centibillionaire

Plus: Four top tea spots in Seattle
Hey there and welcome to Thursday. Seattle's all coffee, coffee, coffee. But if the bean isn't your thing, there's always the leaf...
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Mar 20 2019

🛥 Who runs Ballard's boat elevator?

Plus: Diving into Seattle’s new housing policies
Hey hey, happy Wednesday and welcome to the first day of spring. With temps expected to reach the upper-70s this afternoon (!!), today is the perfect day for an after-work picnic. And we know just the place.
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Mar 19 2019

🏙️ Is Seattle ‘dying’?

Plus: We’re hiring
Hello and welcome to another refreshingly sunny weekday. 😎 Fun news from us: We're looking for a part-time engagement producer to help us turn up our partnerships, membership program, local projects, the works. Dig this city and want to help us all make the most of it? Apply here by next Thursday. And now, an update from the Scandinavian corner of town...  
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Mar 18 2019

💑 Help us play matchmaker

Plus: 30+ events to check out in Seattle this week
Hey hey, it's Monday, and temps might actually reach 70 degrees this week. Spring is in the air, the birds are chipping, and it's the perfect time for love to bloom. 🌸 We're holding an event this Thursday to help a handful of Seattle singles find their special someone — or at least share some laughs in the process.
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Mar 15 2019

🧐 This 94-year-old Ballardite has seen it all

Plus: Another way to fight an addiction
It's Friday, everyone, and today we're raising a glass to Ballard's history with a stop at the iconic Sloop Tavern. Who better to help us dig into the neighborhood's past than a lifelong Ballardite with the last name Larsen?
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Mar 14 2019

✈️ We’re grounded

Plus: Happy Pi Day
Hey there, it's Thursday, and Boeing's got some explaining to do. But before we look at problems in the skies, here's someone who's making a difference on the ground.
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Mar 13 2019

👀 The Seattle restaurant that looks as good as it tastes

Plus: Help us reel in Ballard’s past
Hey there, it's Wednesday. Today we've got the details on the latest wrinkle in the city's major upzoning plan, along with a new King County program to help folks who are convicted of nonviolent offenses. But first, we need your help deciding which piece of local history to dive into for the last installment of our Ballard neighborhood spotlight series.
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Mar 12 2019

📉 Is Seattle’s growth spurt sputtering?

Plus: Let’s raise a glass to making a difference
Hey hey it's Tuesday. And yes, things are looking a little different around here. Welcome to our newsletter redesign! Big thanks to everyone who's been beta testing it with us — including our members — and if you've got feedback, we're always looking for ways to look and work our best. Hit reply and let us know. Now: Up for making Seattle better? We know some people you should meet. And a fun way to bring you all together.
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Mar 11 2019

✏️ Can you fill out this Seattle bingo card?

Plus: 25 awesome things to do this week
Hello there and welcome to Monday. A couple weeks ago, we asked you what you'd put on a Seattle bingo card. Then you sent us so many spot-on ideas, we brought them to life.
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