Now that's a pop of color 🌈

Now that's a pop of color 🌈

Join us in congratulating Jay Thompson, a.k.a. @thatjayt on Instagram. He snapped this gorgeous shot — which reeled in a whopping 494 likes — at Seattle’s iconic Kerry Park in Queen Anne. 👏👏👏

Now here’s a little more from Jay:

What are the moments in Seattle that make you stop and take a picture?
“Seattle is an incredibly photogenic city, it’s hard not to stop and take pictures everywhere! From downtown, to the burbs, the parks, the people, even the alleys downtown, there are photo ops around every corner. Most of my photos never see the light of day, but take enough pictures, and goodness will result.”

What do you do to beat back the grey in and around Seattle?
“I go sailing as often as the weather permits. It’s the most centering, relaxing activity ever. And the views from all across the Sound make for great photo ops! When it’s too nasty out to sail, I don my weather gear and go for long walks in the rain. My phone is always in my hand, open to a camera app, looking for any chance I can to take a quick snap.”

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this month’s challenge. We’ll be announcing our December challenge soon.

In the meantime, why not head to our Instagram page @the_evergrey and give us a follow? 😉

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What Anthony Bourdain thinks of us. “Everybody in Seattle is a musician, a serial killer, a chef, as far as I’m concerned.” That’s how CNN’s food celeb summed us up in his latest episode of CNN’s “Parts Unknown.” It serves as a kind of snapshot of our city, writes Seattle Met’s Darren Davis, revealing that “the current, driving narrative within the city itself is also how the rest of the country views us: as a city of rapid, merciless transformation populated by tech bros and legal weed.” Watch the clips here. (Seattle Met)

History in a box. No one thought to put a time capsule in our Space Needle when it first was built in 1962. They did put one in 20 years later… then forgot to open it as scheduled in 2002. No matter. Now that a $100 million remodel is tearing up our city’s big icon, folks *finally* remembered to open that ’82 capsule and found some neat stuff. “This is the only original illustration of the Needle by its original architect I have ever come across,” wrote columnist and local historian Knute Berger. History is cool. (Crosscut)

Seattle’s rich are getting way richer. Take the highest earning households in each of America’s major cities, and Seattle has the third richest group in the bunch. Is all that wealth spreading around? Hardly. In fact, we just hit a new record for income inequality. The average income of the top 20 percent of Seattle households went up $40,000 last year, while the poorest households saw their share of the total income drop. (The Seattle Times)

Punctuation fail. The signs telling people they now have to pay to park in Capitol Hill all the way ‘til 10 p.m. are a bit, um, overenthusiastic. So this reaction isn’t much of a surprise. (Reddit)

We have a new state poet laureate. Claudia Castro Luna is the first woman of color in the position. And she created this Seattle Poetic Grid to pin local poetry to different parts of the city. Spend a couple minutes with it. It’s good stuff. (The Stranger)

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