Ballard's gone wild 🐷

Check out those Northern Lights.

Alex Farrell is one of the Seattle skywatchers who went to Mt. Baker last weekend to see the lights in action (thank you, solar flare). But aurora spotting isn’t easy. Check out Alex’s take on his trip with his friends and fellow photogs Kai Chinn and Paulo Falcao at theevergrey.com.

Want to catch the Northern Lights yourself? Alex says the Aurora Borealis Washington State Facebook page is a great place to learn what you need to know.

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  • There are more than 6 people running for mayor. Like, 15 more. But sometimes, it feels like we only get to hear about those top contenders. Tonight’s your chance to meet some of the lesser known “dark horses” in the race and ask them your questions. Thanks for the tip, Angie Herb Gerrald! (Facebook)
  • Seattle’s a top-two city in tech. We just passed Washington D.C., to become the second-best city for tech in the country, behind only San Francisco (of course). Other findings from this new report? Average rent here is $1,100 cheaper per month than in San Fran, Seattleites 25 and older are the most educated in the country, and the average wage for a tech worker here is a cool $113,906. 😱 (GeekWire)
  • You go, girls. The number of girls who took high school Advanced Placement tests in computer science across the country more than doubled since last year, according to Seattle nonprofit Code.org. And the number of minorities who are underrepresented in tech taking the tests almost tripled. Oh yeah, that’s worth a little happy dance for the future. 🎉 (The Seattle Times)
  • Ballard’s gone wild. We’re used to seeing lots of fish over in Ballard, but this latest surge of mystery wildlife has us scratching our heads: Someone saw a deer there last week, and now a rogue potbelly pig’s on the loose. All right, Ballard. Time to explain yourselves. 😉
  • Seattle’s gotta ramp it up. There are about 26,000 people in Seattle who use a wheelchair or something similar to get around, and three men with disabilities sued the city over the lack of good curb ramps around here. To settle the case, Seattle agreed to put in 1,250 curb ramps a year for the next 18 years. 👍 (The Seattle Times)

Around Town

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🌱 7/22: Urban Plant Shop Brigade Pop-Up
🛍 7/22-23: Renegade Craft Fair
🖼 7/22-23: Alki Art Fair
🐶 7/23: Dog Days of Summer Festival
🍫 7/23: The Seattle Chocolate Salon

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Our Link light rail turned eight years old Tuesday. What can we expect in the next eight years? Twenty-one new stations, that’s what.

Keep moving, Seattle. — The Evergrey

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