No, you’re not staying in this weekend ☀️

It’s blinding, y’all. (Thanks for tagging @the_evergrey, Monica!)


>> Seattle, bite-sized. You know what the most clicked link was in our newsletters this week? This Seattlepi.com guide to seeing the best of the city, designed for those of us who have visitors to entertain (🙋). There are tons of these guides out there, but this one does something pretty handy: It packages summery Seattle things to do into hours-long bundles that actually make sense. Like pairing Capitol Hill with the International District. Or checking out everything on the waterfront in one go. Or hitting Pike Place Market in the early morning. You know. Before the crowds get craaaaaazy. 🐟

>> Dogs and chocolate. We’re big into coffee around here. Obviously. But our craving for chocolate’s not far behind. When we rounded up the week’s best events on Monday, the one you clicked on most was Sunday’s Seattle Chocolate Salon. Tons of sweets to sample, and kids under 6 are free. Next on the list? Green Lake’s Dog Days of Summer festival. There’s a cutest dog contest, a doggie race, and all kinds of furry, slobbery madness.

>> Movies under the sun. Just because you’re not binging Netflix on your couch this weekend doesn’t mean you can’t disappear into a good flick. Curbed Seattle’s got a map up of all the spots to watch movies outside around Seattle. (We would add Othello Park in the Rainier Valley — thanks for the tip, Jenny Frankl and Sarah Valenta!) And Seattle Weekly is out with a guide to doing outdoor movies right. Can you talk or text? Should you bring a lawn chair or a blanket? “It’s pure chaos, but negotiable chaos,” the Weekly assures us.

>> Make your street a kid wonderland. Here’s a hot tip, parents: You can close off parts of the street in your neighborhood on a regular basis to host a super safe, kid-friendly free-for-all right where you live. People have started 350 of these “Play Streets” around the city and they’re a great way for neighbors to hang out. ParentMap’s got the info on the three-year-old municipal perk (Scroll down to Section 1), and here’s the city’s FAQ on how to apply.

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Around Town

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🎤 7/21-23: Capitol Hill Block Party
🍴 7/21-23: Bite of Seattle
🌱 7/22: Urban Plant Shop Brigade Pop-Up
🛍 7/22-23: Renegade Craft Fair
🖼 7/22-23: Alki Art Fair
🐶 7/23: Dog Days of Summer Festival
🍫 7/23: The Seattle Chocolate Salon

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Starting Sunday, drivers in Washington can get fined for even holding a phone while driving (yes, that includes when you’re stopped at a red light).

The new law has a few specific exceptions, like if you’re using your phone hands-free and can start using it with a “single touch or swipe” or if you’re calling emergency services. But, it seems like a pretty solid strategy to start your GPS or music before you hit the road. Head to this website to get all the details.

We’ll see you Monday. Have fun out there. — The Evergrey

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