The bluest skies are in Seattle 🌈

The bluest skies are in Seattle 🌈

(Photo by Mónica Guzmán)


  • ‘What the Lord giveth, state law now allows people to taketh.’ The numbers are in: One year after our state first let people take roadkill off the streets and eat it (😯), 1,600 deer and elk were snagged off the side of the road by humans. Whether you think that’s awesome or weird, the “salvagers” picking up the goods have some pretty intriguing stories to tell. (The Seattle Times)
  • ‘Looking for hope in a divided time.’ Does it sometimes feel like eastern and western Washington are separate states? Crosscut’s Knute Berger and Matt Mills McKnight took a road trip with the goal to bridge that divide through storytelling and exploration. Follow along as they share what they’ve found. (Crosscut)
  • Later, skaters. Skaters recently paddled materials out to an island in Green Lake to build their own skateboarding structure for a Nike contest (yeah, it’s super impressive, watch their video). Our parks department was not psyched about it and will get the bowl they built outta there this week. Oh, and the skaters did win one of the $1,000 prizes…but Nike changed its mind when it learned it was built without permission. Womp womp. (The Seattle Times)
  • The newest upzone: The Central District. Developers can now build taller buildings at three intersections in the Central District, which means more room for housing, businesses, all the demands of a booming city. But with this new “upzone” comes responsibility: Developers now have to help the city build more affordable housing. (The Seattle Times)
  • No more movies at Magnuson?! Organizers of the summer outdoor movie series at Magnuson Park canceled the rest of this summer’s planned screenings “due to security concerns that have evolved into public safety issues.” Commenters on the Facebook announcement are disappointed, to say the least. 😣 (Facebook)

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People who are from Seattle sometimes worry that people who are not from Seattle don’t get what it’s like to feel attached to the place. “How can transplants best respect the character of the city?” several of you wanted to ask. So we rounded up the answers from a group of Seattle natives and posted a video with their advice last week.

Some transplants were grateful for the tips:

“As a transplant to Seattle, I really appreciate this guidance. ‘Never be dismissive to things that may have an emotional tie to a native Seattleite.’”
— Shaya Lyon

Some of you opened up about the spots you feel connected to, like the UW, where James Cameron met his wife, or the Elliott Bay Book Company, where newbie Clare Sayas takes all her out-of-town guests.

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A local political commentator asked a good question:

“I’ve lived in Seattle longer than many natives have been alive. At what point is this transplant’s vision for city valid as @KnuteBerger’s?”
David Goldstein (“You’re always valid, Goldy!” Knute answered.)

And one local comic considered the idea that Seattle natives have a bigger say in where this city’s going… and poked some fun at it:

“Henceforth I shall vet my civic hot takes through my young male heir, who suckled his first mother’s milk within view of Husky Stadium.”
Brett Hamil

There are tricky issues even in the questions you all wanted to ask each other for our 10-week series native/transplant series. Let alone the answers, or the issues cropping up as our city grows faster than most of us can make sense of it.

But we hope the five videos — on earning local cred, the so-called “Seattle Freeze,” moving to Seattle, our crazy growth, and respecting the city’s character — have helped make your debates about Seattle’s boom a little more nuanced. No matter where you’re from.

“I am a native,” said Stephen on Twitter. “But this decade has changed my hometown so much I need to relearn it.”

Thanks to Seattle CityClub for sponsoring our series, and to everyone who asked questions, suggested answers, and otherwise made this project awesome. Onward. 🙌

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The team behind KUOW’s new “terrestrial” podcast is meeting up with their subscribers in Fremont tonight. The show just wrapped its first season with half a million downloads’ worth of environmentally savvy conversations.

Also wrapping up a season is “The Other Washington,” a local policy issues podcast that features billionaire economist Nick Hanauer and other “political troublemakers” (including David Goldstein, who asked that good question we quoted above). Their latest episode? A pretty candid interview with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.

See y’all tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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