How 7 amazing Seattle photographers see our city 📷

How 7 amazing Seattle photographers see our city 📷


We asked seven of the most talented Seattle photographers you nominated to send us a photo that best represents how they capture the city. Here’s what they had to say about the pics they picked (shown above):

“I think this photo best represents three of my passions – Seattle, bright cheery colors and my need to make everything I post a bit unique and stand out from the rest of the hundreds of photos of the same scene.”
— Sigma Sreedharan (@siglivetoeat)

“Seattle isn’t known for extreme weather so when it happens, there is a kind of electricity that also runs through this city… A good majority of other photographers were at Kerry Park, but I had Pier 66 to myself and therefore walked away with this one of a kind shot.”
— Brendan Ramsey (@brendanramseyphotography)

“Right now my work is focused on the juxtaposition between the ‘pretty and the gritty’ sides of Seattle… The photo has been seen by over 12 million people, making it one of the most widely seen photos of the Space Needle ever!”
— Tim Durkan (@timdurkan)

“As a photojournalist in Seattle, I’m looking to photograph how families and neighbors connect… We get the opportunity to learn and work with our neighbors to help share stories of news, history, culture and religion with the greater public.”
— Erika Schultz (@erikajschultz)

“I guess this image represents the quieter, smaller, everyday Seattle that many of my photographs reflect, from the natural world to people at work to objects left to decay on the streets. Images that ask questions or tell stories.”
— Jim Hamerlinck (@quiet.seattle)

“This photo represents one of the best moments I capture for the city of Seattle because it was my first time shooting at night and came out to show me how beautiful Seattle really is.”
— Yovany Robles (@yrpixs)

Read more from these awesome Seattle photogs at, and stay tuned to the #bestSEAphotogs hashtag to see what other Seattle photographers we feature.

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  • Is our legal weed green? Since Washington pot farms got licensed in 2014, they’ve produced 1.7 million pounds of plant waste. Isn’t that compostable, you ask? Yeah, it is. But it seems most farms are sending it to landfills. 👎 (The Stranger)
  • The police union is pushing back on body cams. Mayor Murray signed an executive order last week to get body cameras on our police officers, saying he was frustrated with how long negotiations with the union were taking. Now the union’s filed an Unfair Labor Practice Complaint — not because they don’t like the whole body cam idea, but because they say they only met with Murray once to talk things out and the order breaks the state law that says they have to negotiate. (Crosscut)
  • Sorry, Alexa? What happens when Amazon gives its “virtual personal assistant” a name that has consistently made it onto the lists of top baby names for 19 years? According to four Seattle women named Alexa, it’s lots of jokes, confusion, maybe a little feeling offended, and maybe a little…pride? (The Seattle Times)
  • Relive the ‘Roaring Twenties.’ It’s nice that people can go to pubs without being arrested these days, but wouldn’t it be kind of awesome to travel back in time and visit a speak-easy during Prohibition? Like, just for a day? Check out this list of Seattle spots that make you feel like that’s possible. 🍸 (Eater Seattle)
  • Seattle’s this close to breaking some more weather records. If the rain stays away like it’s supposed to, it could be both the first time the city’s had a completely dry July and the driest July on record. Plus, the longest streak ever without “measurable rain” in Seattle was 51 days. We’re less than two weeks from breaking that record. ☀️ (Cliff Mass Weather Blog)
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