She's going to lead our city 🙋

She's going to lead our city 🙋

We admire the dedication.

Cheers to doing your civic duty, all. 👏

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  • More election results! We’re saying no to a sales tax to fund arts and heritage programs, yes to re-electing Seattle City Councilmember Lorena González, and are otherwise making our voices heard in races all over the county. Check out the results so far — plus scenes from the night’s election parties — over at Crosscut. Want to keep up with the official ballot count? King County Elections will update this page with new numbers at 4:30 p.m.
  • More and more of our students are homeless. A new report shows that the number of kids experiencing homelessness in Washington went up by almost a third in just three years. Another shocking stat: In ten state districts, over 20 percent of the student population is experiencing homelessness. The report is easy to follow and has some helpful graphics if you want to take a deeper look at a major issue in our state. (Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness)
  • Get an inside look at a big investigation. Last year, investigators broke open a Bellevue prostitution ring, arrested some of the people involved, shut down 12 brothels, and got their hands on two sex-trafficking websites. How’d they do it? The Seattle Times is sharing the police department’s process. And with all the dark scenes and undercover spying, it can start to feel like an episode of a crime show… But it’s real, and it’s close to home. (The Seattle Times)
  • Ready to go art crazy? With the Seattle Art Fair taking over CenturyLink (100 galleries will be there!), this is a huge week for art in Seattle. Seattle Met has a nice roundup so you don’t miss any of it. (Seattle Met)
  • Shopping has never tasted better. As if the lineup of restaurants at University Village wasn’t already delicious enough, the latest additions include a Rachel’s Ginger Beer/Ma’Ono fried chicken combo, “internationally renowned” ramen spot Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (opening Saturday), and a third location of the much-loved local Vietnamese restaurant Ba Bar. Lunch break, anyone? 🍽 (Eater Seattle)
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Back in February, we asked you to fill out a survey related to your trust in and support of the news, and about 150 of you responded. 🙌 Your answers joined thousands of others around the country, and now, the journalism research institute behind the study has published a report with the results.

Among the findings?

  • Liberal respondents are more likely to both trust and pay for the news than conservative respondents.
  • White respondents are more likely to both trust and pay for the news than nonwhite respondents.
  • Older respondents are more likely to pay for the news, across politics and race.

Thanks for helping us get a closer look at what we think is an incredibly important piece of how we understand each other and the world. 👍


Last month we ran an essay by Mellina White Cusack, a mixed-race queer woman who happens to be a libertarian-leaning conservative. In blue blue Seattle, she wrote, people react to her political beliefs “as if I am betraying my own identity.”

Now Mellina is writing again — in her brand new blog.

“I started The Seattle Conservative to create a platform for those who believe fiscal responsibility and free markets are the first steps to solving Seattle’s modern day challenges,” she wrote us. “I want to be a voice of positive solutions, rather than demoralizing rhetoric.”

Thanks for adding your ideas to the mix, Mellina. Stay cool out there, all. We’ll see you all tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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