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  • Be proud, all. As of yesterday afternoon, 39 percent of registered voters returned their ballots in King County. “That’s the best turnout for an off-year primary election in at least 20 years,” says The Seattle Times. 👏 And though we haven’t counted all the ballots yet, it’s looking more and more like Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon will be the top two winners of the August primary. That means we’ll be choosing one or the other of them to be mayor of our city in November. Either way, it’s historic: Seattle hasn’t elected a female mayor in 91 years. 🙋
  • Restaurants are hard. Yesterday we took a quick look at a growing problem in the city’s restaurants — the shortage of cooks. It’s a complicated problem, and a bunch of you spoke out.
    >> “I do not understand why basically anyone wants to open a restaurant in Seattle right now. The competition is fierce, the costs are astronomical, staffing is impossible, and even if you are successful you don’t make all that much money unless you’ve got a low-service model (counter service/take-out/whatever).” — Zach Geballe
    >> “The Seattleites driving demand for more restaurants can absolutely afford to pay more so that restaurants can remain staffed. I don’t have any patience for this at all. Pay more, you’ll get your workers.” — Meredith Spacie
    “The restaurant industry already has incredibly small margins… Because of how many restaurants there are now in Seattle, we also have to worry about our competitors, and what happens if we raise our prices.” — A Seattle restaurant owner who requested anonymity because “we worry about repercussions for talking about some of this publicly.”
  • No car? No problem. It’s tough to do all the awesome hikes around here when you can’t drive to the trails. Enter King County Parks’ new Trailhead Direct service. Just take transit to the Issaquah Transit Center or the Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride and pick up the new shuttle that leaves for the mountains. Or, reader Jen Zug just let us in on this handy tip: You can reserve a Zipcar that comes with a Discover Pass. People usually shell out $10 for the day or $30 for a year to buy one of those passes, which you need if you want to get into some our region’s coolest outdoor spots.
  • Rock the arts. The third annual Seattle Art Fair is taking over the CenturyLink Field Event Center this weekend and looks amazing. Plus: Single tickets for the Seattle Symphony’s 2017-18 season go on sale tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10 a.m. We have a feeling there might be some pretty popular shows this time around (Star Trek, Harry Potter, and the horror classic Nosferatu are all part of this season’s line-up).
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Here are 10 tips to stay safe in the heat and this unhealthy haze, via The Seattle Times.  

See you next week. — The Evergrey

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