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Our homeless population is growing. Seattle now has the third-largest homeless population in the country, behind only New York City and Los Angeles (which are way bigger cities!). What does that mean in a city with rising rents? Research from Zillow shows that just a five percent rent increase would push 258 more people out of their homes. (GeekWire)

Nikkita’s a lot like the mayor of Barcelona. Crosscut pointed out some striking similarities between The Seattle Peoples Party (that’s the new party that’s running Nikkita Oliver for mayor) and the movement that got Barcelona’s first female mayor elected. Parties like theirs rely on a “combination of youth energy, social media and digital technology” to pick up some serious steam, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. We’re seeing that here in Seattle as the Peoples Party chases ballots and chases Cary Moon’s narrowing second-place lead in the primaries over Nikkita. One voter even wrote an open letter asking Cary to step down so Nikkita could step up. Whoever gets second in the primaries when results are certified Aug. 15 will join first-place finisher Jenny Durkan on the November ballot.

Treat yourself. It’s hot out there, and you deserve to cool down in the most delicious way possible. So hurry to one of these spots and eat all the frozen treats before they melt. Not into cold eats? Then you’ll probably appreciate this rundown from Seattle Met of six yummy local cookies. 🍪 🍦

Farewell and hello to a Cap Hill gay bar. Purr, a much-loved gay bar, was recently priced out of its Capitol Hill location (it’s not gone gone — it moved to Montlake). Now a guy who helps operate a few other iconic spots says he’ll open a place called called Queer/Bar where Purr used to be, and that it’ll be a “venue for queer-focused issues in politics, activism, and community driven forums.”

Upheaval at a Seattle non-profit. Part of the volunteer team that was putting together Seattle’s big yearly GeekGirlCon convention stepped down on Sunday after they accused the org’s board and executive director of misusing funds and doing other shady things. Organizers said the convention, which brands itself as “a celebration of the female geek,” is still on this fall. (GeekWire)

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John Oliver gave a pretty great shoutout to local gardener Ciscoe Morris on his show on Sunday.

The mashup of Ciscoe’s pure excitement and wonder, aptly named “You Wish You Loved Anything As Much As Seattle Gardening Expert Ciscoe Morris Loves Everything” is exactly the sort of contagious zest for life the world needs on a Tuesday.

Life is good. — The Evergrey.

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