We're on our way 🙌

We're on our way 🙌

"We ❤️ The Evergrey and all it does to connect the Seattle Community!" — Nice water bottle, Lindsay Hueston 😊


Everything we make at The Evergrey we make because of you — our amazing, active, curious Seattle community.

So we’re pretty pumped that thanks to the investments you’ve made in our SeedInvest fundraising campaign — some as small as $500! — we’ve beat our minimum goal of $50,000 — and we’re on our way to meet our stretch goal of $250,000.

Why are you investing in The Evergrey and our parent company, WhereBy.Us? We asked a few of you, and this is what you said:

“Ever since I moved to Seattle back in March, The Evergrey is the one email newsletter I read word for word every morning because it’s full of useful information for a new transplant like me (and likely for a lot of long-time residents of the city as well). You do a great job of mixing in a variety of topics to keep me attuned to what’s happening locally. That’s why I decided to invest and support what you’re doing. I think you’re building a scalable content + advertising model that can thrive.”
Karim Naraghi

“As a reader, I think of The Evergrey like a long-time friend who has a pulse on the city. As an investor, I see WhereBy.Us as a media brand providing news to your inbox in a hyperlocal way, with a smart strategy to expand and continue offering quality content tailored to readers’ cities.”
Melissa Cafiero

“I want to support locally-produced news. But why The Evergrey specifically? Because I know you are passionate about your work. What I see in your writing is a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. Every time a person is featured in The Evergrey, I feel like I would want to have a conversation with that person, to take that bit of knowledge you’ve provided and learn more.”
Steve Kaiser

Want to help us grow? There are 14 days left in the campaign, and we’d be honored to have you.

Check out our SeedInvest profile to learn more. And if you have any questions — want to talk to Monica at The Evergrey? Chris, WhereBy.Us’s CEO? — just ask. Email us at [email protected] with your questions, and we’ll be happy to help.

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  • ‘What if this never left? What if it got worse?’ Local writer Lindy West asked these questions in her New York Times column yesterday about the smoke that’s been greying our blue summer skies since last week. Her take on the haze? This is scary. And this could be the new normal if we don’t start fighting climate change. (The New York Times)
  • Bikes on bikes on bikes. Seen those brightly colored bikes all over Seattle? The two dockless bike share companies in town, Spin and LimeBike, are doubling their number of bikes this week to 1,000 each. Those bikes are going to keep multiplying, and why wouldn’t they? Both these companies had more riders in their first weeks than Seattle’s old bike share program had in its best week ever. (The Seattle Times)
  • Should landlords look at criminal records? Seattle landlords can turn down renters based on arrests made in the last seven years. But an ordinance that would make that almost totally illegal (there’s an exception for some registered sex offenders) was just passed by the city’s civil-rights committee. Will it make it through the Seattle City Council? We’ll find out Monday. (The Seattle Times)
  • All the Seattle ice cream. Local ice cream fiend Allison Durazzi somehow managed to taste over 90 ice cream flavors from 27 creameries in and around Seattle in 31 days. Whoa. And she’s compiled the month’s worth of melty goodness into a map and a spreadsheet and photos and…well, just check it out for yourself. And speaking of ice cream, did you hear we’re getting a Shake Shack next year?! 🍔 🍦
  • Do we really need 20 different passes just to get outdoors? Two Washington universities are asking outdoorsy types to weigh in on how our state’s pass system for getting into parks and recreation areas could be simpler and easier to use. “Sadly, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ pass,” reader Jim Gaynor emailed us last week. But what if there could be? Get your answers in by the end of the month, explorers! (KUOW)
  • Get to Stumptown on 12th before August 20. That Stumptown Coffee Roasters location announced it’ll soon be closing its doors for good. (The Stranger)


That’s just one of the things we’ll be talking about with Chase Jarvis, a world-famous photographer who’s built a global brand around creativity — what it is, what it takes, and what it makes possible.

RSVP’d yet for the event Sept. 6? Grab your spot today. You won’t want to miss it.

Have a good one, all. — The Evergrey

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