Seattle loooooves cars. 🚗

Seattle loooooves cars. 🚗

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What up, Spokane? Drive about 300 miles east and you’ll get to the second biggest city in Washington: Spokane. Over the last few days, we’ve seen some interesting stories about what’s going on over in the Lilac City: For starters, Spokane’s had three female mayors since the eighties, while Seattle’s celebrating the fact that we’re about to elect the first woman to run our city in 91 years. And they’re a little ahead of us with police body cams. We’re just starting to fully roll them out, but Spokane’s had the cams on their officers for three years. Finally, just for fun, did you know that “Spokane” means “children of the sun” in Salish? They get about 20 more sunny days per year than we do. But sunshine’s overrated. Right? Right?? ☀️

Who really won our mayoral primary? Women in their 50s and 60s. Seattle women cast a lot more votes for mayor than men did in King County’s Aug. 1 primary. Like, 12 percent more. That bit of trivia comes from this data story in The Stranger, which also breaks down how we all voted by generation. The results? We’ve seen a lot of millennials move in to the city lately. But Seattle Boomers beat them — and everyone else — to the ballot box. ✅

Seattle loooooves cars. Or at least, we love to own them. Want evidence? We were ranked the 10th most densely populated city in the country last year. But if you counted cars instead of people, then we’d be fifth. “Seattle is a relatively new city, so it tends to be built around the car,” a UW transportation expert told Gene Balk of The Seattle Times. Beep beep. 🚗

Don’t just eat out. Eat outside. Haze or no haze, this is the season — the only season — for patio dining in Seattle. Luckily, The Stranger’s out with a guide to hundreds of local spots to eat in the sunny heat. Pick your neighborhood and enjoy. ⛱

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Thanks to readers Tracy Timmons-Gray, Tim Tan, and Stephanie Gesualdi for pointing out a mistake in yesterday’s newsletter. When we told you that a popular Stumptown Coffee in Capitol Hill is closing down, we gave the wrong one. It’s the Stumptown on East Pine Street between Belmont and Boylston that’s closing August 20. Sorry about that!


Uber is giving away the sweet treat from Seattle’s own Full Tilt Ice Cream today. Just open the app, see if you’re matched with a delivery truck, and tell ‘em where to send it.

See you all Monday. — The Evergrey

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