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We're about to ruin your latte ☕️

Winning barista Alex Opinsky of Anchorhead Coffee pours a tulip design earlier this summer
📸: Salena Garcia


Ever order a latte at a local coffee shop and notice the foamy design adorning its top? That’s latte art, and baristas from all over Seattle meet up every now and then to see who does it best.

We went to one of those competitions at Zoka Coffee & Tea in Green Lake last week (watch our Instagram story with all the drama here). When the tournament started, all the competing baristas’ art looked the same to us: swirly, pretty, and…uh…foamy?

So, we were confused: What separates “meh” latte art from a pour worthy of a $1,000 first-place prize? The winning barista from that night, Alex Opinsky of Anchorhead Coffee, and Zoka CEO and founder Jeff Babcock (he judged the competition) gave us the scoop.

Judges at latte art competitions don’t taste the lattes. It’s all about the looks, and they’re looking for some pretty specific stuff. Get ready to become your next latte’s biggest critic:

  • Contrast: When baristas make a latte, they add foamy white milk to dark brown espresso in two stages. Alex told us the first pour mixes espresso and milk to create a base — the canvas for the art. The second pour adds the actual design. The base and the art should have a nice contrast in color, and Jeff said that comes down to how well the barista “orchestrates” that first mixing stage.
  • Texture: The mixing also determines how smooth the final cup of art is. What’s ideal? Jeff said it should be almost the texture of ice cream, nice and velvety. Watch out for big bubbles; those are bad news.
  • Balance: The finished design should be centered in the middle of the cup and symmetrical (though some strong designs, like the “swan,” are not).
  • Beauty: This one’s pretty simple. Jeff said judges look for “how gorgeous it is, overall.”

And speaking of beauty, what does the best latte art actually look like? For that and more, head to theevergrey.com. And if you want to order up some quality latte art for yourself: Alex pours at Anchorhead Coffee at Olive Way and Seventh Avenue. Jeff recommends the latte art at Zoka, of course. Seattle’s Espresso Vivace is known citywide for its latte art legacy. And if you’re looking for something a little different, Moore Coffee’s lattes are just adorable. Thanks to reader Luiz Humberto Melchert Marques for telling us about the competition!

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